Casey Anthony: What Her Life's Been Like Since Daughter Caylee's Death

Casey Anthony continues to be a controversial figure in true crime lore, even now over a decade removed from her controversial murder trial. While Anthony has since left the headlines, she is still making news from time to time thanks to her attempts to tell her story while ignoring the questions of the public. The 35-year-old trying to line up new ventures, new loves and much more in the ten years since the death of her daughter, Caylee.

According to InTouch, Anthony is busy writing a book about her life, the trial and the loss of her daughter. "Casey is writing...a detailed and definitive account of her life and the tragedy of losing Caylee and everything that followed," a source told the outlet. "She knows the book will be controversial and that no matter what she does she will face criticism, but she also feels she has a story that has never been told. Nobody else has lived it, so no one else can tell it."

But a book is not the only venture Anthony is adding to her resume currently. Anthony has worked as a researcher and attempted to start a photography business called Case Photography LLC. A Twitter account for the company was created in 2016 but quickly deleted when most of the questions were related to the murder trial.

Then December 2020 saw Anthony make her latest career move, opening up a private investigation firm in Florida. Case Research & Consulting Services LLC was the company name filed with the Florida Division of Corporation, with reports attempting to connect the new venture with the death of Caylee. According to InTouch, that is not the case.

"That's a closed chapter in her life, she's not starting a company to get answers about Caylee," an inside source told PEOPLE (via InTouch). "She knows what it's like to be accused of something that she didn't do. She wants to help other wrongfully accused people, especially women, and help them get justice."


Still, it is Anthony's infamous past that holds sway over her life. While she wants to put it in the past, it is hard for many to do that. She's dating, partying and doing the things that earned her a lot of criticism during the investigation of Caylee's death. Anthony has also floated a movie about her life after the loss of Caylee, describing it to The Daily Mail in June 2019. "Yes, I drank and carried on like nothing happened. The movie is called As I Was Told because I'd done what I was told to do. I had to put on a fake persona throughout those 31 days." The alleged murder of Caylee happened around June 16, 2008. Casey Anthony was photographed partying at Fusion nightclub and taking part in a "hot body contest" days later. Caylee Anthony's remains were not identified until Dec. 19, 2008. Anthony was acquitted of all felony charges related to her daughter's death.

Casey Anthony still lives in Florida, last living with private detective Patrick McKenna, the lead investigator in her 2011 case. InTouch adds that Anthony is open to having more kids and has been dating around in past years.