Casey Anthony's Dad Responds to Her Possibly Having Another Child

Casey Anthony's dad has responded to the rumors of her possibly having another child, saying that [...]

Casey Anthony's dad has responded to the rumors of her possibly having another child, saying that he hopes "she does better this time around."

While speaking to Dr. Oz on his daytime talk show, George and Cindy Anthony were asked about the reports that their estranged daughter could possibly be interested in becoming a mom again, and George spoke very honestly about his feelings on the matter.

"Knowing now that she could potentially possibly be a mom again, I hope she does better this time around than what she did last time," he said candidly. "I hope whatever life she has left, that she makes something positive happen in her life."

"If she is granted a chance to have another child, I hope the child is strong, grows up to be a worthwhile part of society, and the person that she has the child with, I hope they are going to love her and the child immensely," George then added, as reported by E! Online.

George also very bluntly stated that he does not believe that he and Cindy would be in the child's life, if Casey did give birth again.

"I don't think so. Because Casey and I right now, it is like oil and water—one of us is floating, one of us is sinking. We're just not connected anymore, and that hurts. I wish I could be part of her life, but I would never feel comfortable around her," George said. "I can't trust her. I can't trust the things she's going to say out there. I know she's given some other interviews that she said she was never going to do, and things she's said and done, it's just, it's wrong. She needs to just not be here anymore."

Cindy then asked George what he meant and he replied, "She doesn't need to exist anymore, as far as I'm concerned."

"Well, that's kind of mean," Cindy responed. "That's weird, because for years, he has said to me, 'I wish I could have a relationship with Casey'...and the last time we saw Casey, I went out to the garage and I said, 'I'm sorry that she's still here.' And he goes, 'Is she staying for dinner?' I said, 'She wasn't planning on it.' He goes, 'Well ask her.' There's a difference here. He doesn't want to own up-"

George then interjected by saying, "I'm trying. I've tried."

At this time, Casey has not announced that she is pregnant, but a source close to her told journalists that she was open to having another child.