Caitlyn Jenner Seemingly Spoils Another Kardashian Pregnancy Announcement

Caitlyn Jenner may have spoiled another Kardashian-Jenner pregnancy. In an interview with Good Morning Britain on Friday, the reality star mentioned that she was expecting her 19th and 20th grandchild, saying that there were "two in the oven." While one is her daughter Kylie Jenner's second child with rapper Travis Scott, there Is some speculation as to whose is the second baby mentioned. 

However, people were quick to point out that the aspiring politician was probably referring to her son Burt Jenner, one of her children from her first marriage to Chrystie Crownover. Burt announced that he and his girlfriend Valerie Pitalo were expecting their first child back in August. Her second child from that marriage, Cassandra, has three children. She also has two children from her second marriage to Linda Thompson: Brandon, who has three children, and Brody, who is childfree. From her third marriage to Kris Jenner, Jenner has Kylie, who has one child, and Kendall who is also childfree. She also has four Kardashian step-children who have all given her grandchildren: Kim has four kids, Kourtney has three, Khloe has one, and Rob has one. 

"I told all the kids, I'm going for 30 grandchildren. That's a nice round number," Jenner said. "Now the girls weren't too excited about that, but I figure if you have ten children you average three apiece but one might have four, one might have two so we're kind of on schedule. I love a good goal and the girls are on it."

It would make sense that there would be speculation about which of the Kardashian-Jenners would be getting pregnant next, considering the fact that Khloe has spoken in the past about wanting a sibling for True. However, the most likely candidate for next sister to get pregnant is Kourtney, who recently got engaged to Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker. Multiple sources tell E! News that the two are "hoping to be expecting by next year."

The insider shared that the couple "both love kids" and "would love nothing more than to have a baby together. Kourtney has always wanted another baby and never felt like she was done." A second source added that the eldest Kardashian feels even more comfortable following that desire with her rocker fiance. "Now that she's with Travis, she wants it even more," the second source shares. 


A third source told the outlet that the Kardashian family is completely behind the couple through such a momentous time and fully supports the idea of them having more kids. "They are both really great parents and enjoy spending time with their families," the third source shares. "Travis has been known to be such an amazing dad, so it seems like the natural thing for them to do."