'Ghosts' Star Asher Grodman Shares Sneak Peek at Season 2 Teaser From SDCC 2022

Ghosts delivered a special Comic-Con experience for fans of the CBS import, including details about season 2 and some never-before-seen clips from the show's freshman season. But star Asher Grodman may have delivered the best treat of all for fans, sharing a clip of what has been produced for season 2 to this point.

"First Comic-Con and it was beyond my wildest dreams! Swipe for pics, video & a season 2 sneak peak from our [Ghosts] panel," Grodman wrote in the caption of the post. "Thank you [SDCC 2022] and thank you to the countless fans who support our show and for the 4500 who came out to our [Comic-Con] panel. We are so lucky. You blew us away!"

Be sure to check out slide six for the video preview. While it isn't the best quality for a clip, it is a chance for fans that weren't in attendance to experience what those lucky folks who were on hand got to enjoy. Grodman and his fellow castmates were overjoyed by the reception and have been hard at work on season 2.

The actor portrays Trevor Lefkowitz on the CBS sitcom that is based on the hit UK sitcom, and it seems deadset on replicating its success in America. A Wall Street hot shot who died with his pants off, Grodman has shown himself to be one of the standouts from a stacked cast of talents.

"I think that for me, Trevor is the kid brother of the group, but he's the most closely aligned with the real world, the living world," Grodman told PopCulture, referring to the episode where his fate is revealed. "I think in this episode, the family that he identified himself with is maybe superseded by the family that he is currently with and I find that to be very sweet."

That bond will be intact in season 2 when it premieres on Thursday, Sept. 29 in a new timeslot at 8:30 p.m. ET. We've already seen plenty of teases by the cast for season 2, be it their own Instagram photos or official releases by CBS. We also know that new ghosts will be appearing in season 2, expanding the Woodstone Estate's occupants a bit or at least giving them a few visitors.

The showrunners also teased a bit of the story fans can expect in season 2. This includes the troubles of running a bed and breakfast in a haunted mansion, the special powers each of the ghosts have to reveal and some more puzzle pieces for how they died in the first place. The wait isn't long, so watch season 1 in its entirety FOR FREE before the next season premieres in September.