'Ghosts' Showrunners and Cast Tease Season 2 Details of CBS Sitcom at SDCC 2022

The cast and showrunners of Ghosts spooked up quite a scene at San Diego Comic-Con Thursday, in what was their first appearance at the renowned convention following phenomenal first season ratings run for CBS. With the show's creators Joe Port and Joe Wiseman joining the spirited ensemble cast on a panel in famed Ballroom 20, the multitalented cast took time to reflect on the premiere season, while teasing what's to come for Season 2. 

In the panel hosted by series guest star Matt Walsh and attended by SDCC fans alongside media, Port notes that with Season 1 being about Sam (Rose McIver) and Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar) getting the house ready for the B&B, Season 2 will show that the massive business endeavor they sacrificed city living for will finally be open and tell the "story of this young couple and their struggles with this business." Wiseman also mentioned how audiences would "learn a little bit more" about each ghost's backstory while examining "lots of fun mysteries." 

2022 Comic-Con International: San Diego –
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Confirmed by the showrunner is also the murder storyline involving Woodstone Mansion's beloved prohibition-era jazz singer Alberta Haynes — played by Danielle Pinnock — with audiences not only seeing her singing in a club but finding out more about the circumstances of her death as we will meet "some suspects." The A-story arc is one Pinnock is most excited about, telling audiences at the panel how she "can't wait for y'all to see it!"

Wiseman also confirms that each ghost at the mansion does have a special power, which they will "continue to explore" all season long. While the showrunner also teases how a "tree on the property" has a "special meaning" to Sasappis — played by Román Zaragoza — as it is as old as the Lenape spirit. Expressing his excitement over the story, Zaragoza hyped fans to "get ready." But while these stories will be explored, Port chimed in that there will also be a "surprising connection" with an established ghost that lives at the Farnsby home. 

Several of the cast interjected with their ideas for guest stars — including Ambudkar who teased Jean-Claude Van Damme would play his dad, while Pinnock asked for Lizzo, and Rebecca Wisocky, who plays Woodstone Mansion's Lady of the House, Hetty, to be visited by the original cast of the BBC One sitcom, of which Ghosts is adapted from.

2022 Comic-Con International: San Diego –
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As for whether Asher Grodman's '90s Wall Street bro ghost Trevor will remain pantsless after the big reveal in Season 1 that resolved the mystery behind his missing attire, the multifaceted artist admits not wearing pants "keeps [him] kind of alert and awake," while adding "being pantsless is an honor." Elsewhere in the panel, Ambudkar reenacted his impression of Hetty while playing to Season 1's possession episode, further revealing that her character will "come undone" in Season 2 and have an awakening that will shift things. Wisocky admits, "Characters are allowed to take one step forward and then three steps back in terms of learning new things."

Though it would no doubt be fun to show Flower's death — played by Sheila Carrasco — Port says they have been discussing it quite a lot but nothing has come of it so far. "We'd been talking about showing Flower's death but we were told there aren't adequately trained bears in Montreal," he said joking about how the bear from The Revenant was "unavailable."


Premiering last October, the CBS smash hit Ghosts was developed by Port and Wiseman, who will also carry out a three-year deal with the eye network for additional programming. After record ratings and a win across broadcast, Ghosts was renewed for a second season in January and will return at a new time on Sept. 29 at 8:30 p.m. ET. 

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