'Ghosts' Season 1 on CBS: Here's What Happened to Trevor's Pants

Ghosts returned Thursday night for one of television's most highly anticipated events of the season undressing the mystery behind Woodstone estate's most recently deceased house ghost Trevor Lefkowitz played charmingly by Asher Grodman. In the episode aptly titled "Trevor's Pants," which aired on March 31 and is now streaming on Paramount+, audiences finally understood how the '90s Wall Street ghost lost his pants. Grodman told PopCulture.com in an interview this week that the fashion conundrum would be a surprise no one would see coming. "When I read it, I was completely surprised, so I would imagine that other people will be too. I've gotten a lot of fan theories about what might have happened and all I can say is that you're all wrong," he said.

[Spoilers ahead for Season 1, Episode 16: "Trevor's Pants"] Opening with a flashback to November 2000, Trevor is seen in a bustling high-rise building with a bunch of his co-workers, making "bro" jokes while showing off his new suit with a clear shot of his pants. With the crew setting up plans for the weekend following their summer associate Pinkus' promotion to a full-timer, Trevor's colleague (and Hetty's relative) David Woodstone decides to invite the team to his family's country estate for a party, throwing it to a tight shot of the Woodstone mansion gates where Trevor shouts, "This is the going to be the best night ever!" 

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With events picking up from Episode 13, "The Vault," Sam (Rose McIver) and Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar) finally decide to sell the timepiece found on Hetty's husband Elias Woodstone's corpse to help reduce their debt and save the B&B. When Jay finds a potential buyer in a man named Ari Cantor (Rob Huebel), Trevor grows excited when he discovers the buyer is his wealthy, former friend from Lehman Brothers who visited with their friends, including Hetty's great-great-great-grandson, David, the night he died. Trevor begins to tell his story, throwing it to a flashback from the night he passed at Woodstone where his Wall Street buddies are discussing the evening's plans while chugging on Chekov Chills — something Trevor is very good at doing and breaks out his signature T-Money sign for. As David teases Pinkus to start drinking as well to gear up for the mysterious "Run of Fun," Trevor attempts to stop the hazing ritual before it starts, calling it "humiliating." Ari confronts him, reminding him they all did it and not going through with the tradition would be "breaking the bro code." At a crossroads with the decision, Trevor suddenly flips the switch, shouting "psyche!"

How Trevor Lefkowitz Died

David reveals their first game of "pill roulette" and of course, Trevor goes first. Looking for a green pill, he instead decides to mix yellow and blue to make green, earning the respect and adoration from his friends as he downs the drugs from the Woodstone drug drawer. Ending his flashback with Hetty, Isaac, Sam, Sasappis and Alberta, Trevor calls himself a "total legend." However, Alberta requests he tell Sam how he lost his pants now. Trevor claims that following the post-drug cocktail, pre-death, he had sex with a "hot limo driver." Sam, confused by his death accepts it. However, Sass is not buying it.

As Jay and Ari talk about the timepiece, Trevor pleads with Sam to bring up his name somehow as he wants to hear from his former friend. However, as much as Sam creatively tries, Ari suddenly grows cold pretending to not know Trevor. Feeling some kind of way over the mention of Trevor, Ari excuses himself to make a phone call most nervously to which Sam tells Jay the potential buyer actually knows about Trevor but is hiding something.

The Truth About Trevor's Death


Meanwhile in the kitchen, Hetty and Alberta are eavesdropping on Ari's phone call to a friend he is suddenly accusing of being a snitch over Trevor's death, asking if Sam's inquiry is actually a blackmail attempt of sorts. Taken aback by the freakout, Hetty and Alberta confront Trevor who is confused over Ari's behavior as he says he died from a drug overdose, where his heart exploded. But Sass pops in saying that he was actually betrayed by Ari, who broke the bro code. Cut to a scene with Trevor, dead on the Woodstone carpet, but his spirit is very much alive and sees five friendly ghosts — Sass, Thorfinn, Isaac, Pete and Flower. 

As Isaac attempts to welcome Trevor, David breaks out in a panicked scream, "He's dead!" as the Wall Street bros look over Trevor's lifeless body. With the ghosts leading Trevor to another room, Sass decides to stay behind and watches the three doing nothing and instead, "call their dads" to bail them out of this.

Why Are Trevor's Pants Missing?

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Sam is shocked by the fact that no one helped him out, yet Sass says it gets so much worse as the flashback cuts to Ari, David and Chet saying they need to "lawyer up" and "hide the body," by dropping Trevor in the lake outside the house. Trevor attempts to defend them as he says, "some of them were kids," who were "barely 30" to which Hetty tells him to stop making excuses for them. While Trevor says he would have done the same thing as them, Sass disagrees and says he wouldn't have because he knows the real truth behind why his pants are missing.

Sass cuts to a flashback with Ari and the crew laughing at Pinkus, who enters the room wearing nothing but a white t-shirt for the "Run of Fun" hazing ritual, which forces their potential clique members to return to the city with no money or clothes. With Ari and the gang telling him it's his only chance to be a part of their group, Pinkus begins to head out when Trevor catches him, letting him know he has a choice to not go through with the tradition. With Sass watching the conversation unfold, Pinkus tells Trevor he really wants the promotion to which Trevor kindly gives Pinkus his money clip, asking the lowly co-worker to take a taxi back to the city and he can return the clip on Monday. Thanking Trevor for his generosity, Pinkus is stunned by the gesture as is Sass. It is just then that Trevor tells Pinkus to have his pants too because he won't be able to get into a cab without a pair. When Pinkus asks Trevor what will he say when their friends inquire about his pants, he says not to worry and he will make up an excuse. Suddenly, Trevor tells Pinkus to have his boxer shorts too because he doesn't want his "boys riding up against his new suit."

Sam exclaims, "Trevor, you're a good guy," with Hetty stating she had "no idea" as Isaac and Alberta are equally stunned. Confronting Sass about why he never told him, Trevor is perplexed as to why his ghost friend kept the lie this whole time. Sass says it was because he knew how important the bro code was for Trevor, who ultimately honored the tradition for Pinkus. Alberta exclaims it's time to ruin his former living friends' lives and take them down, however, Trevor says it won't make him feel any better if they do. Coming to a realization that the job, which he regarded as his "whole world" was a lie and probably never even had any "bros," leaves Trevor heartbroken.

What Happens to Ari Cantor?

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Sass later tells Sam he has an idea to get revenge on Ari and his friends following Trevor's death. As Jay continues his hard work for the timepiece's potential sale, Sam asks to speak with Jay, which leaves Ari nervous. Inquiring what is going on and where she was this whole time, she tells him she took a walk by the lake to Ari's surprise. He then decides to hit up the living room as the couple talks in the kitchen, where the ghosts bring Trevor in. Declaring he doesn't want to see Ari anymore, Hetty and Isaac offer comfort to the recently deceased ghost stating they are his "bros" for life and always have his back, gifting him with the ultimate revenge gift — a spook from beyond the grave. As Ari heads to the drug drawer, he opens it to find a Chekov Chill and a note that reads, "I know what you did – T. Money," frightening Ari to toss the letter to the floor.

Trevor, moved by the gesture from his friends Hetty, Isaac, Sass and Alberta, smiles and shouts out in celebratory victory, "Ari Cantor, you just got chilled. Boom!" With Sam and Jay entering the room, asking if everything is OK, Ari admits he is not sure "what kind of sick game this is" the two are playing, but he is willing to pay double for the watch if they can also agree to never speak of this event again. As Jay confirms the deal with no take-backs, Sam mentions the Chekov Chill, stating how when he finds one he needs to throw it back. Trevor, impressed by Sam's actions, engages the house ghosts in a "chug, chug, chug" chant — one that only Sam can hear and Jay is going along with.

The penultimate episode of Ghosts Season 1 will air on April 14. Ghosts airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS and will be available to stream live and on-demand on Paramount+. Those interested in seeing all Paramount+ has to offer can click here for a free streaming offer