'Ghosts' Star Asher Grodman Promises Mystery of 'Trevor's Pants' Will 'Surprise' Everyone (Exclusive)

After a nearly one-month hiatus, Ghosts is back on CBS this Thursday and the secret about Trevor's missing pants will finally be revealed! Fifteen episodes in the making, the mystery airing March 31 at 9 p.m. ET aptly titled "Trevor's Pants" will offer viewers a glimpse at the life and death of Trevor Lefkowitz, the most recently deceased of Woodstone Estate's residents who now roams the grounds pantless. In an exclusive with PopCulture.com ahead of the freshman sitcom's momentous conundrum, the '90s Wall Street trader played by Asher Grodman teased what fans can expect as comedian Rob Huebel joins the cast this week for a puzzle that has lit fans up.

"For a few scenes, you won't have to see my thighs," he told PopCulture. "You'll meet yet another Woodstone relative. You've got Sam, you got Hetty, you had Elias. It'll be another one — this lineage." Grodman adds with all the mystery building up to this moment, he was excitedly taken aback when he received the script. "When I read it, I was completely surprised, so I would imagine that other people will be too. I've gotten a lot of fan theories about what might have happened and all I can say is that you're all wrong."

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With the truth about Trevor's missing pants being notably "gasp-worthy," the reveal points to a greater, more significant trait of Grodman's lovable on-screen character as he lives on in the afterlife with his fellow house ghosts. "I think that for me, Trevor is the kid brother of the group, but he's the most closely aligned with the real world, the living world," he said. "I think in this episode, the family that he identified himself with is maybe superseded by the family that he is currently with and I find that to be very sweet."

The show, which is steady in ratings week after week and officially preparing for Season 2 after a renewal announcement in January, Grodman says Trevor living in the afterlife with the Woodstone ghosts is a lot like children having to sit in the corner. "It's kind of like the eight of us are in timeout for all of eternity," he smiled. "You think about what you did and you learn some lessons and then Sam shows up and Jay shows up and synapses start firing."

Thursday night's episode will also feature funnyman Huebel, who stars as Ari — one of Trevor's old friends from the Wall Street days. Though much of his identity has been shrouded, Ari returns to Woodstone to buy the timepiece Sam (Rose McIver) and Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar) found on Elias Woodstone's corpse. Grodman, who is in awe of his co-stars, says this week's guest was "so funny" to work with. "Rob immediately showed up with like — there's a thing about — it's very, how do I say this? You can kind of play at that world, that Wall Street-y, douchey world, and then there are certain people who don't have to play at it, but they can just like swim in that world and do a bunch of surprising things where you think it's one thing, you think 'Oh, that's what that flavor is,'" he said. "But then you get certain people who can be 'No, there's like 40 million colors in that place and I'm going to show them all to you!' Rob does that. He's so funny. I'm down to have some more of Rob Huebel."

Sincerely humbled to be on one of the best new sitcoms in the 2021-2022 season, Grodman adds the episode also features a bevy of other guest stars who are just as "amazing" as Huebel and will no doubt bring the laughs on Thursday night. "Blair Penner is — I can't tell you what he's doing. I can't tell you what any of these guys are doing," he says through a smile. "Robert Bazzocchi, Brian Cook and Julius Chao are all fantastic. We got a whole slate of some fun guest stars!"

Considering how the episode will end leaving fans in disbelief, Grodman remains mum on whether we will see Huebel again but is all for it should another opportunity arise. "I would love to see him again. I can't say much more, but I'd love to see him again," he said adding how thanks to the writers being "so good" in crafting out the show's direction, there are plenty of avenues for stories and more guest stars tied to the ghosts. "We could just go in any direction because the writers are so good. The concept is so much fun that anything is possible."

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