'Teen Mom' Alum Farrah Abraham Ripped for Video Twerking to Cardi B's 'WAP'

Farrah Abraham is once again the source of frustration for many Teen Mom fans on social media. According to The Sun, the former Teen Mom was called "inappropriate" once again for her activity, this time on TikTok. Taking part in the online craze over Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's "WAP," Abraham dances to the song by the side of the pool.

The reality star sported a red-thong bikini and attempted to pull off dance moves presented in the video for the profane hit song. According to The Sun, she did splits, attempted to twerk and commented that there was "no practice," and she just went with it, getting "totally wet." Many didn't find any humor in her post.

Some called Abraham's attempts "sad," and even wondered if the reality star needed to seek help from outside. "Farrah get help for real dude," one wrote. "This is honestly so sad. Real inappropriate for a mom," another added.

Others were curious is Abraham's daughter Sophia was nearby or even filming the dance. The reality star has faced a lot of criticism for her mothering strategy and allegedly robbing her daughter of a childhood and a mother by acting like her friend.

"Wonder who is filming? Perhaps Sophia," one comment asked. "So sad because you know Sophia is behind the camera," a second added. None of this is surprising for followers of Abraham or any of the Teen Mom cast members. They are all targets of criticism at every turn, especially on social media.

Abraham has defended her parenting and her treatment of Sophia when pressed by some fans. When she was recently criticized over her daughter's apparent lack of friends, the reality star hit back to say she "clearly" had friends and that people had forgotten that a "pandemic is going on!"

Still, many have not slowed down their criticism of the former MTV star. Her mother isn't even safe from the criticism, according to some of her social media posts.


Abraham recently said she was "open" to reuniting with her former Teen Mom co-stars, though she claims she felt like an "outcast" on the show at times. She made it clear that she would be interested in "adult conversations" with her former co-stars, keeping away from past drama involving Abraham, MTV, and stars of either Teen Mom OG or Teen Mom 2.