'Teen Mom' Alum Farrah Abraham Criticized Over Daughter Sophia's Skincare Routine

Farrah Abraham seems to be perpetually under fire by fans of Teen Mom and other critics online. Even her daughter Sophia isn't off-limits for troll and commenters, with accusations always flowing from all angles when the young girl is involved.

After dealing with criticism and questions revolving around Sophia's alleged lack of friends amid the pandemic, Abraham was also forced to defend her own actions. Many took offense to Abraham's beauty routine that she shared with Sophia and posted it to Instagram on Thursday. The comments that flowed in felt that Sophia was far too young to take part in the routine.

"Sophia is a kid," one critic wrote. "[There is] absolutely no reason to be doing this nightly." Another added, "Why are you making her grow up so fast? Don't you have friends your age?"

"Why is Sophia doing all that? She's a child. Let her be a child. [From] what I can see, she's not having a childhood, she's living adulthood already. I [have] a 5-year-old, and I'm letting him do what children are supposed to do at his age," a third wrote.

Some commenters did defend Abraham and her daughter's long nails and beauty return. One questioned why everybody was angry about the nails specifically. "I remember having my Mom do my nails and I loved it for like a week. Every girl is different."

Abraham didn't respond directly to comments on her Instagram post but did recently explain her view on Sophia's interest in the beauty industry in an interview with In Touch Weekly. It came shortly after a "near-death experience" and that played into her appreciation for her daughter's early adoption of beauty techniques.


"Allowing Sophia to be creative in her art and discovery of beauty is nothing to be ashamed of," Abraham told In Touch earlier in August. "I'm happy Sophia will be prepared and educated about nail wellness."

Still, this adds to the larger complaint many critics have toward the former Teen Mom. Many feel that Abraham is treating her daughter more as a friend than a mother, refusing to let Sophia out to hang with friends her own age. This criticism did earn a response from Abraham on Instagram, noting that we are all in the middle of a pandemic and earlier photos show Sophia's friends clearly.