Farrah Abraham Ruffles 'Teen Mom' Fans' Feathers With Her Mother's Day 'Widow' Comment

Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham referred to herself as a "widow" in her Mother's Day post, which angered many of her Instagram followers. Derek Underwood, the father of Abraham's daughter Sophia, died in a car crash before Sophia was born, so Abraham referred to herself as a "widowed mom." However, the definition of a widow is a woman who lost her husband, and Abraham's fans would not stop inundating her Instagram comments with that correction.

This year's Mother's Day came on May 11, a few days before what would have been Underwood's 30th birthday. Abraham shared a video of herself and Sophia reading in her backyard in Bel Air, Los Angeles. In the long accompanying caption, Abraham referred to herself as a widow multiple times. "As I’ve not been sleeping, crying, and remembering all of my therapy, trauma therapy I will say because of Mother's Day here I wish no other woman to be a widow, a woman who has to hold it all together even when the world is against her," Abraham wrote. "It always feels like things may get easier then we miss our special person on trips, or not able to visit their grave due to Covid 19 or amazing times you wish they could be there with or just talk."

Later, Abraham wrote how she wished "being a widowed mom, and only parent could be easier but so many things effect courageous moms in our life journey, our children’s and our amazing family members who are so compassionate while feeling hurt themselves." Abraham called herself "blessed to have God in my life and my families and what brought Derek and I together and Sophia letting that be her focus rather then anything else. In loving memory & Happy Mother’s Day to all the strong widowed and single moms, mercy, grace & abundance. Thanks to our child - Sophia being so understanding and loving. We're hard enough on our selves and I'm blessed to have my daughter, my constant, my wisdom."

While Abraham's post might have had a better sentiment than some of her other social media posts, her followers were still laser focused on Abraham's use of the word "widow" to describe herself. Abraham and Underwood never married. The two also broke up before his death, but she has claimed multiple times over the years that she takes Sophia to Underwood's grave. Several of her fans reminded Abraham of her relationship with Underwood at the time of his death and pointed out she is not technically a widow.


"Girl please. You hated Derek. You guys weren't even together. Who are you trying to kid? Stop using his death for attention. Gets old!" one fan wrote. "You have to be married to be a widow. You are not a widow," another chimed in. "Not to be rude... but you aren't a widow... you just lost the father to your child," one Instagram user wrote.

Abraham first appeared on 16 and Pregnant back in 2008, and Underwood died when her episode was being filmed. She was cast on the first season of Teen Mom and stayed on the show through 2012. She returned in 2015 and stayed on the show until 2018. She claimed she was fired because MTV did not approve of her work in the adult entertainment industry.