Farrah Abraham 'Would Be Open' to Reuniting With Former 'Teen Mom' Stars

Farrah Abraham isn't opposed to reuniting with her former Teen Mom co-stars. Although she hasn't appeared on the MTV series in years, and her relationship with her fellow Teen Moms could be described as tense, the mom of one recently said she "would be open" to a reunion.

Abraham made the remarks in a recent interview with In Touch Weekly, during which she admitted to feeling like an "outcast" during her time on the series. Despite those feelings, she acknowledged that plenty of time has passed and many things have changed, and she’d be interested in having "adult conversations" with her former co-stars that would stray away from any past drama.

Abraham got her start on MTV after she appeared on 16 and Pregnant in 2008. She would go on to star on Teen Mom up until April of 2018. Abrahams claimed that she was fired due to her work in the adult entertainment business. She later walked back her comments, saying she had not violated her contract with the network, which she claimed "fake fired" her in order to "sex shame" her. In the years since her final appearance on the series, Abraham has made numerous comments about her time on the network, and even recently claimed that she was "wrongfully fired by a male on Teen Mom."

Stating that "it's been a long journey to get back in a positive place, even on the back end, because of a lot of the things," Abraham told In Touch that she would take some precautions should a reunion happen. The Teen Mom alum said that she would "definitely… have my own security and my own way of protecting myself." Despite that hesitance, she added that she is "always ready for a conversation" and believes that "the conversations would be totally different now."


Although she is now interested in potentially returning in a limited capacity, Abraham said that she hasn't yet been contacted by anyone from MTV. She said that maybe she would "pitch" the idea of a reunion. Abraham said that while she doesn’t "keep in touch" with her former co-stars, she does still chat with "creators and developers because of other work they want to do."

Of course, a possible reunion would only add to Abraham's already filled plate. After exiting Teen Mom, the reality star went on to attend college for business entertainment and is set to graduate in just two months. She is also gearing up for the debut of her new reality show, which she says will "make the world a better place" and will "lift women up."