Cardi B Slams Trump Supporters Partying to Her New Hit 'WAP'

Rapper Cardi B lashed out at a group of Trump supporters late on Monday night when she saw a video of them partying to her new song, "WAP." Cardi used a side-eye emoji as she noted that Republicans and Conservatives had bashed the song when it first came out. She also added a biting remark about how the group was not taking coronavirus safety measures.

"WAP" by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion has made a stir since its release earlier this month, due to the graphic sexual nature of its lyrics. The most notable backlash came from pundits whose brand and identity are linked with their politics, such as Ben Shapiro. Cardi herself even poked fun at congressional candidate James P. Bradley in an exchange on Twitter. All this made it that much more infuriating for her and her fans to see "WAP" used as the soundtrack to what appeared to be a party on a boat for Trump supporters only.

Cardi posted a video from the Instagram account "trumpsplans," which showed a montage of a group of young people drinking, dancing and partying out on the water. They intentionally showed off Trump campaign hats, flags and other apparel, making it clear that the gathering was centered on their political beliefs.

The video used an edited version of "WAP," though not the same one used in the music video. It left empty spaces in the chorus where Cardi's voice would normally recite the song's titular acronym. All of these out-of-place factors likely contributed to Cardi's gut reaction to the clip, writing: "Anyways this makes my ass itchy."

"I'm calling the FBI on this festivity," the rapper continued. "They are not quarantining."

As her career as a musician and media personality has exploded over the last few years, Cardi has never shied away from politics. To many fans, she is a reasonable voice to help dissect complex issues, particularly when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic. Before the virus hit the U.S., Cardi was one of the first celebrities talking about it regularly on social media.


Regardless of the reaction among any social or political groups, it is clear that "WAP" remains a cultural sensation. The song holds steady at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and is still making its way into viral videos, memes and public discussions.

"WAP" is the first single off of Cardi's forthcoming second studio album, which fans have been anticipating for months. There is no word yet when the album itself will be released.