Farrah Abraham's Mom Blasted for Wearing Sheer Top in Rap Video

Farrah Abraham's mom Debra Danielsen is getting blasted online, after wearing a sheer top in a new rap song video. The song is titled "White Woman's Rap," and is Danielsen's newest hip-hop track. In the video, she is wearing a see-through top that appears to feature two dragon designs that hide her nipples.

The Teen Mom grandma is also donning a pair of leather shorts, a crop-top leather jacket, and a pair of black sneakers. She and her music video dancers are all wearing masks as they dancing around a black convertible. The tune is getting a lot of criticism on Instagram, with one user writing, "Is this a parody? I don’t understand? Is it an inside joke that I'm missing?"

Another user quipped, "Holy second, third and forth hand embarrassment. I'm so uncomfortable and the rest of my only day off of the week is officially ruined." Someone else wrote, "Did you watch this video of yourself before you posted it? Can’t you SEE how you look? Don't do this to yourself!"

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Abraham and her mother seem to often find themselves at the center of online backlash and controversy. Notably, The former Teen Mom star has claimed that she was let go from the show because of her adult film career, which led to a lot of talk on social media. Now, Abraham is saying that she "would be open" to a reunion with her ex-cast mates. "I think adult conversations would be amazing," she recently told InTouch. "I mean, I would be open to even hosting a special for Teen Mom, you know, and having all those conversations with everyone. Maybe I’ll pitch that, but I don’t know when they're going to be back to [filming]."

She went on to say that she does not "keep in touch" with any of her old co-stars, but occasionally speaks with "creators and developers because of other work they want to do." She added, "It’s been a long journey to get back in a positive place, even on the back end, because of a lot of the things." As for her new lot in life, Abraham went back to college and is now graduating with an entertainment business degree. "I have my own focus, my own future," she explained. "I think that’s more understanding now. And again, it took conversations on the back end and I can only imagine from a front end of talent, what the conversations would be totally different now."