JoJo Siwa and Kylie Prew Break up for Second Time After Attempt to Revive Relationship

JoJo Siwa and Kylie Prew have called it quits again. In a recent TikTok video, Prew revealed that she and The J Team star split about two months ago. They dated for about a year before breaking up for the first time in October 2021 but reunited in May.

"Someone asked me, just now, if I was single. I am," Prew told her fans in a TikTok live stream, reports Entertainment Tonight. "I been single for almost two months, and it's OK, it's not deep, I promise. Everything's fine. Not everything has to be messy and gross. Because it's not. And I just wanted to clear the air."

Prew went on to say that there was no drama to the split and they are both happy today. "We're both safe and happy and healthy and that's all that matters," she said. "It doesn't need to be drama because that just gives everyone unwanted anxiety, especially if they're like me."

Siwa, 19, has not commented on her relationship status recently. In May, she announced that she and Prew were back together by posting a photo of the two kissing in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland. That same month, Siwa told Entertainment Tonight she was happy to be in a relationship again.

"I am in a relationship and I'm very happy and very lucky to be loved. It's been very nice," the Dance Moms star said. "I think something that's been great, is it's been so honest, and I think that's a mistake that I've made in the past, is maybe trying to be something that I maybe wasn't... But this is just so pure and so honest, and it's so real and it just feels like I/we got it right."

Aside from her surprising back-and-forth with Candace Cameron Bure, Siwa also made headlines recently when she told Yahoo Life she didn't like the word "lesbian," even though that is what she identifies as. "I don't like the word itself," Siwa joked. "It's just like a lot. But I mean, at the end of the day, that's what I am. ... It's like the word moist. It's just like ... ugh!"

Many of her fans were shocked by the comment, thinking it was insulting. In a TikTok response, Siwa said she did not mean to say "lesbian" was a dirty word. "Okay, I've been going through my comments, and I just want to make something super clear, I never said that lesbian was a dirty word, and I never ever would say that it's a dirty word because it is not," Siwa said. "It is not a bad word. It is not a slur, and it especially is not a word that I am ashamed of saying or ashamed of identifying as by any means."