JoJo Siwa Details 'Very Extreme' Personal Experience She Went Through During 'DWTS' Disney Week

JoJo Siwa reveals her experience as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars has been a difficult ride –– especially this recent week. Siwa tells Us Weekly she's been going through unchartered territory lately. "This week was very, very extreme and something that I had never gone through and something that I've never felt before."

The Dance Moms alum didn't go into detail as to what the event was, however. As she and her partner Jenna Johnson have been practicing for Disney week, Siwa says she's really starting to learn why people call dancing an escape. "I'm really lucky that every day this week, I got to spend three hours with my best friend in rehearsals," she told the outlet. "At the end of rehearsal, she would go, 'OK, we got there. You OK? Cool.' … It definitely has been a week, but because of my family, because of this song, because of the show, I'm on the other side of it."

Siwa stars in the dance competition and is making history as the first contestant to compete with a same-sex dance partner. She previously told the magazine that she was "so excited to be a part of Dancing With the Stars Season 30," adding that she thought her history-making partner was "so cool." Siwa's been out and proud for some time now and has publicly gushed over her girlfriend Kylie Prew on more than one occasion. "We both want the same outcome of this relationship, you know, we both want to be together for forever and we both just want to be there for each other," she told Us previously. 


For the show's Grease theme next week, Siwa teases there are going to be some major changes for fans to look out for. "I am looking forward to hopefully a fast song," the actress told the outlet on Tuesday. "I'm looking forward to a cute little costume." "Keyword 'little,'" Johnson interjected, before adding, "New human over here, woo hoo!" Siwa closed, saying that she can't wait "to tell the story of how Jenna changed my life and change the way that I look at myself."