Dating Show Returning for New Episodes

One of the most innovative dating shows in the game is coming back for more episodes. Love or Host, the Twitch-based dating/deception series is returning with at least one new episode in July, with more on the way, per host AustinShow. After dropping some teasers over the past few months, Austin confirmed a new episode was on the way in a Wednesday tweet.

"The next Love Or Host is HAPPENING!" AustinShow tweeted. "It's early July [and] the guest just confirmed the date with me yesterday.. This guest is a big one!" The Twitch streamer then asked his fans to guess who the big guest could be, but later noted that "most people replying are not guessing correctly."

For those unfamiliar with Love or Host, which also has a huge following on YouTube, it's a dating show that plays out over an entire hours-long Twitch livestream. One internet personality is the lead, akin to The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, and they interview a field of potential dates via video chat. Every few minutes, they must eliminate one potential love interest. (It's like ElimiDate, but over Zoom!) However, there's a twist. Before the game begins, each love interest secretly declares whether they're competing for love or simply are there for the views. If "Love" is chosen, the two personalities can decide to maybe pursue something more after the show ends. If the winner has chosen "Host," the lead gets kicked off the stream and the winner gets a ton of new Twitch viewers via the platform's hosting function. 

Love or Host was previously titled The Rajjchelor, a play on AustinShow's previous controversial screenname "RajjPatel," which he disavowed in 2020. Past personalities who've guested on the show include Lil Nas X, JustaMinx, Schlatt, Disguised Toast and Pokimane (in a special "platonic" episode where she was looking for a best friend). The latest episode aired in January and featured adult film actress Mia Malkova looking for love.

As for who could follow those fan favorites, Austin, 27, tweeted, "The guest of the next Love Or Host is not who I've alluded to… but that person will have a love or host perhaps after this one." While it's unclear who he's referring to, this second guest might be Foolish Gamers. Austin has jokingly teased an appearance from Foolish (real name Noah Brown) over the past few months.


In response to his April guest appearance on AustinShow's G4TV game show Name Your Price alongside Karl Jacobs and QuackityFoolish tweeted, "Why am I competing aggainst 2 dumbasses?" to which Austin replied, "Why are you not competing for my love on love or host." Foolish then teased another appearance in a June 2 tweet, before Austin jokingly tweeted, "Love or Host featuring @FoolishGamers but it's just me," with Foolish once again brushing the invite off.

No word yet on a premiere date for the new Love or Host episode. Casting info for the new episode is also not available yet, but it should be made available on AustinShow's recruitment account on Twitter. Between seasons, AustinShow has helmed a whole season of Name Your Price, which can be found on G4 and AustinShow's YouTube channels. Edited versions also air on G4's linear cable channel, as well as its Pluto TV channel, G4 Select. The archive of past episodes and highlight compilations is currently viewable on YouTube.