Will Neff Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction Live on Stream During 'Name Your Price'

Twitch stream fails are one of the funniest aspects of the platform, and G4TV's bigger-budget production isn't immune. On the latest episode of the network's new game show, Name Your Price, co-host Will Neff suffered an utterly hilarious wardrobe malfunction live on stream. Neff and host AustinShow were helming the Thursday livestream of the program, which is '70s inspired and features the duo and presenters (such as JustaMinx and WWE Superstar Xavier Woods a.k.a. Austin Creed) decked out in throwback garb. The dress pants that go with Neff's leisure-suit-inspired look weren't made for mobility, it seems, being as they ripped during the show.

During ad break about halfway through the episode (which featured Sykkuno, DisguisedToast and Fuslie as contestants), Neff randomly squatted down. He immediately said (while muted), "I just ripped my pants." The show's main portion started immediately after, and Austin and the production team burst into laughter. Buzzfeed alum Neff, who also stars on Attack of the Show!, then showed the cameras the full extent of the rip, which went right down the seat of his pants. 

"We're gonna need a wardrobe change ... next week, ladies and gentlemen! We're gonna keep it the way we're at," Austin said. "That's right, we only have one pair of pants here, folks."

This on-air wardrobe malfunction might have been a major derailing moment for most shows, but not for Name Your Price, which finished out its episode just fine. Austin even tried to comedically "fix" the rip during a later ad break by taping up Neff's pants. It was a chaotic, fun moment in a show that — excuse the pun — often flies by the seat of its pants. The G4TV series' episodes are often filled with stumbles, product malfunctions and bloopers (along with wacky and wild staged bits). They're all part of the charm, and Austin, Neff, JustaMinx and company navigate the chaos perfectly.


Name Your Price is currently in its first season. Past guests on the show have included Amouranth, Ironmouse, xQc, Ludwig, QTCinderella, Emiru, Mizkif, Sodapoppin, Maya Higa and Hasan Abi. New episodes air live on Twitch and YouTube Thursdays at 5 p.m. ET. Edited versions are later shown on G4TV's linear cable channel and G4 Select, the network's Pluto TV channel. Per the G4 schedule, the next episode will feature Pokimane, Schlatt and Moist Cr1TiKaL.