JustaMinx Banned From TikTok

JustaMinx fans on TikTok will have to get their fix of the online personality's content elsewhere. Minx was banned from TikTok once again this week, just after being reinstated on the video platform. The Name Your Price presenter had 2.7 million followers there, making it her largest social media account in terms of follower count. Minx boasts 2 million followers on Twitch, 1.2 million followers on Instagram, 1.7 million on Twitter, 720,000 subscribers on YouTube and 28,000 subscribers on Fansly. Just also has a backup TikTok account, but she has not posted on it in the wake of this latest ban.

As far as what triggered this latest exile, it's not totally clear. However, it is likely (and ironically) due to a TikTok Minx posted to mark her return after her previous ban earlier this year. As she shared via Twitter on March 6, she posted a video of herself doing a filter challenge that compared her to a character on the Cartoon Network show Total Drama. When she got an undesired answer. She walked out onto a balcony and pretended to climb over the edge. Not long after, the Irish streamer shared a TikTok screenshot indicating the video was removed for "Dangerous acts." Now, when landing on her TikTok profile via the app, a message reading "This account was banned due to multiple Community Guideline violations" appears.

Minx later lamented the eventual total ban on a March 15 Twitch stream. While cosplaying as the League of Legends/Arcane character Jinx, she voiced her frustrations against the unspecified "Stans" who reported her account, as well as TikTok itself. "The one day I actually get dressed up, I can't make a TikTok because, 'Stans." I mean, I blame TikTok just a much because, it's like, can you not check? Can you not check?" Minx said, noting that the company had previously apologized for the past ban. "Their system is s—. Their system is f—ing s—. It's so dumb; it's so dumb."

The G4TV regular noted her agent is working on getting her unbanned again, but she has become disenchanted with the platform, especially since direct monetization isn't possible. "I don't care for it anymore," Minx said. "You don't really get money from TikTok."

JustaMinx's TikTok ban comes in the wake of a recent Twitch suspension for saying the word "cracker" during a stream. (Twitch apparently considers the word a "derogatory slur.") As the TikTok ban continues, she can still be found on all the platforms listed above. She's also the item presenter on G4TV's Name Your Price, a weekly game show that streams on Twitch and YouTube, with edited versions later airing on linear cable and via Pluto TV's G4 Select channel.