Super Bowl 2021: Dr. Anthony Fauci Urges Cancellation of Parties

Super Bowl LV will take place on Sunday, showcasing a meeting between Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes. Football fans traditionally hold massive parties to watch the Big Game, but Dr. Anthony Fauci is not a fan of the idea. He is telling fans to cancel any large gatherings.

Dr. Fauci appeared on Good Morning America to discuss the upcoming game and any potential parties. "The one thing you don't want to do — [I] don't want to be somebody that's putting a damper on anything," he said, "but you don't want parties with people that you haven't had much contact with. You just don't know if they're infected."

The infectious diseases expert continued and said that football fans should have a party in their respective houses with their people. He stressed avoiding having strangers enter the building and take part in the festivities. "Lay low and cool it," Dr. Fauci said in conclusion.

The CDC released a list of Super Bowl parties guidelines in public areas, such as sports bars. The list included such advice as wear a mask and avoid congested areas. It also said to avoid consuming too much alcohol during the party due to less likely follow protocols. Fairly standard requests overall, but one guideline that drew attention was "Avoid chanting or cheering. Stomp, clap, or bring handheld noisemakers instead."

Similarly, health officials in Los Angeles expressed concern about the Big Game becoming a "super-spreader" event. These officials warned against holding Super Bowl parties or going to large public gatherings. "Don't organize a party at home," L.A. County public health director Barbara Ferrer said, per TMZ. "Don't go to a Super Bowl party. It will be tragic if the Super Bowl becomes a super-spreader of coronavirus."


While there will inevitably be discussions about Super Bowl parties heading toward Sunday, other topics will include the number of fans at Raymond James Stadium. The league announced that 25,000 fans would be in the stands, along with 30,000 cardboard cutouts. This list will also include $7,500 vaccinated healthcare workers who received free tickets.

At the Super Bowl, these fans will be required to wear masks and practice social distancing while watching the battle between the Chiefs and the Buccaneers. Additionally, the league will also implement controlled entry at the gates, podded seating and touchless in-stadium experiences throughout the facility. Super Bowl LV will kick off on Sunday, Feb. 7 at 6:30 p.m.