'The Masked Singer': Baby Mammoth Is a Controversial Actress

After last week's backlash-inducing Rudy Guiliani reveal — which led to Ken Jeong walking off setThe Masked Singer unmasked yet another controversial personality. Baby Mammoth was knocked out, and she's an actress who has been in the headlines for some questionable comments. Scroll through see the star behind the wooly mask (if you weren't already watching via FuboTV or another live service). Spoilers ahead!

After a correct guess from Jenny McCarthy, Baby Mammoth's identity was shown to be Kirstie Alley. Alley is an actress best known for her role as Rebecca Howe in Cheers. She's also known for her roles in Veronica's Closet, Look Who's Talking, It Takes Two and For Richer or Poorer. In the 2000s, she was also a spokesperson for Jenny Craig and appeared on Dancing With the Stars Season 12, where she finished second.

Alley was once a very beloved figure in entertainment. However, in recent years, she's drawn loads of backlash for her comments on a variety of topics. She's falsely implied the war between Ukraine and Russia could be fake, equated Donald Trump not being able to tweet to slavery, made unsupported claims about the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, and came out against an attempt to increase diversity and inclusion at the Oscars. That's not even to mention the more random spats she's had online about Stephen Hawking and U.S. Olympians. Alley has also drawn scrutiny over her membership in the Church of Scientology.

As noted, Baby Mammoth's unmasking follows Giuliani's reveal as Jack in the Box. Previously revealed mascots include Miss Teddy (Jennifer Holliday)Armadillo (Dog the Bounty Hunter)Hydra (Penn & Teller), Lemur (model Christie Brinkley), Thingamabob (NFL player Jordan Mailata), Cyclops (actor Jorge Garcia), Ram (sportscaster Joe Buck) and McTerrier (Ace of Cakes' Duff Goldman). 

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