Kirstie Alley Thinks Twitter Banning Donald Trump Is 'Slavery'

Kirstie Alley continues to support and defend President Donald Trump, this time in the wake of [...]

Kirstie Alley continues to support and defend President Donald Trump, this time in the wake of Wednesday's shocking attack on the Capitol by MAGA supporters. But the former Cheers actress isn't calling out anybody for the attack, instead opting to jump into the fray over Trump being removed from Twitter. She even went so far as to call it "slavery."

Alley took to Twitter herself after Trump was permanently banned to avoid the risk of the president stirring another incident ahead of Jan. 20 and the inauguration of Joe Biden. The removal of Trump also opened up a crackdown of other accounts connected to the president, some that he even attempted to take over as his own, and other alt-right connected accounts related to the events.

"What's your take Mr. Biden on TOTAL censorship of conservatives?" Alley wrote on the platform after her account became one of many affected by the crackdown. "I know that many times you have said you're going to be the president of both parties. I really wish you would speak out and object to censorship on behalf of all people. Thank you."

The Cheers alum didn't stop there, continuing to call out alleged censorship online the supposed silencing of conservative voices. She joins many who claim that their first amendment rights have been sullied by Twitter, a private company that isn't bound by the first amendment.

"If you don't think this is scary stuff & by U I mean all of US from whatever political persuasion then U are complicit to communism & DICTATORSHIPS, "Alley wrote in another tweet. "I trust that none of us on this timeline R OK with this purging and canceling. For those of you who think it's Ok ur next. U'll see."

Alley joins several conservative voices crying foul in the wake of Twitter's decision. Hercules star Kevin Sorbo and former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly were very vocal on the platform, while Donald Trump Jr. referenced George Orwell's 1984 in an attempt to connect "big tech" to "big brother" within the frame of the book. Many quickly pointed out that 1984 covers completely different topics that are unrelated to Trump's comments.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is vowing to remove Trump from office before Jan. 20 due to his actions earlier this week. The articles of impeachment drawn up for a vote on Monday accuse the president of stirring an insurrection by goading his followers to "fight" for his presidency and "stop the steal" by going to stop a joint session of Congress certifying the vote. Five people died in the riot, including a Capitol police officer who was reportedly beaten by the mob.