'Little People, Big World': Matt Roloff Reveals 'Disaster on the Farm'

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff shared photos of a "disaster" at Roloff Farms this weekend, but thankfully it was not a big one. An early winter storm blew through his property, taking a tent down during its journey. It was a sad note on what should have been a happy weekend as the Roloffs celebrated Amy Roloff and Molly Roloff's birthdays on Friday.

Matt's photo showed a collapsed white tent, held up by the few standing poles. The picture was taken after Matt and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, visited Amy and her new husband Chris Marek's house for dinner. "Then after wishing Molly and Amy the happiest of Birthday's on Friday evening... woke up to this disaster on the farm," Matt wrote. He joked that the first passing storm must have said to itself, "Hello [Roloff Farms] tent... we'll show you." They usually lose one tent to a storm every year, Matt wrote, so he wasn't surprised. "Glad we have time to recover," he wrote.

Amy did not write about the "disaster" on her own Instagram page, but she did share a birthday message for Molly. Matt and Amy's daughter turned 28 on Friday, while Amy celebrated her 57th birthday on the same day. "My best birthday present ever. Happy Birthday Molly Jo. I'm honored and so proud to be your mom and we share a birthday together. Woohoo. Love you so much," Amy wrote.

Amy and Marek married at Roloff Farms on Saturday, Aug. 28 after five years of dating. Although Matt lives at the farm, he was not invited to the wedding to avoid an awkward moment. Matt did not mind so much, and was "honored" to host the wedding there. A few days after the ceremony, he shared a video with fans explaining that he was busy getting the farm ready for pumpkin season. Since then, he has shared several posts showing off the transformation of the farm to prepare it for visitors during the busiest season of the year.

In a Sept. 12 post, Matt called September his "most hectic month" of the year as he gets ready, but it is the "most exciting" time of year. "Setting up [Roloff Farms] Pumpkin Season is always a time To work 24/7.. Getting it all ready for You and your family to have fun and share your Fall time with us," Matt wrote. "Always something new!! Come see us... your parking spot is waiting."