'Jersey Shore Family Vacation' Sneak Peek: The Gang Celebrates JWoww's Engagement With Confusing Theme Party (Exclusive)

The Jersey Shore Family Vacation team has a new reason to celebrate, as Jenni "JWoww" Farley is now planning to marry her longtime boyfriend, Zack Clayton Carpinello. In an exclusive clip for
PopCulture.com ahead of Thursday night's new episode, the group got ready to celebrate JWoww and Carpinello's engagement, and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi had the perfect theme for the party. Since Farley once said she would never get married again until pigs fly, Polizzi decorated the restaurant with pigs!

"Jenni said, 'When pigs fly, I'll get married again,'" Polizzi told the camera. "So, it just felt like the right theme." The rest of the cast arrived at the restaurant before Farley and Carpinello did. Once they showed up, the gang yelled, "When pigs fly!"

Farley was not that happy about the theme. "My roommates a screaming 'pigs fly,' there are pigs flying all over the walls! There was one time, years ago, that I said I would get married when pigs fly," Farley explained to camera. "And here we are." When Polizzi asked Farley if she liked the decorations, she pretended to be fine with the pig theme.

The theme inspired everyone to go around the table and say what they would do if pigs could really fly. In the end, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino said when pigs fly, he would get sober. Everyone booed since he already is sober. "Well, pigs are flying today," The Sitch pointed out. This inspired a spirited debate that even had Paul "Pauly D" DelVecchio standing and yelling curses that needed to be censored!

Farley and Carpinello got engaged in February 2021. The two started daring in March 2019 but broke up later that year after Carpinello appeared to get flirty with Angelina Pivarnick during a Family Vacation episode. By December 2019 though, Farley and Carpinello were happily back together. Farley was previously married to Roger Mathews for three years and is mom to daughter Mailani, 7, and son Greyson, 5.


Family Vacation Season 5 also marked the return of Polizzi, who left the show in 2019 to focus on her family. When Polizzi reunited with her roommates, they "pretended like she never left," Farley joked in an interview with PopCulture.com. "We literally just were missing our meatball and now she's back, and we got back to how it should be – all us together having a good time. It was just so nice to have my meatball back," Deena Cortese added.

The new season also shows how Sorrentino has grown since getting sober, marrying Lauren, and welcoming their son Romeo in May 2021. "It's really special, and I really love this season because I get to introduce the viewers and the fans to our firstborn, Romeo, and how I and my wife handled that and being a parent," he told PopCulture.com. "So it's really special, I can't wait to see it this season." Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.