'Mighty Ducks' Star Shaun Weiss Celebrates 230 Days Sober by Showing off New Teeth

Shaun Weiss, the former child star who played the goalie Golberg in The Mighty Ducks, is on the road to recovery after several difficult years battling drug addiction. Weiss celebrated his 230th day sober this week and showed off a perfect set of new teeth following multiple oral surgeries. His dentist, Dr. Gabe Rosenthal, said Weiss is "smiling like crazy now."

Weiss' friend Drew Gallagher, who created a GoFundMe page that has raised over $15,000 to help Weiss, shared a new photo of the former actor on Tuesday, showing him after his permanent uppers were installed. Gallagher's previous update on Aug. 27 said Weiss was "thriving" and his face and mouth felt like "tenderized meat" while recovering from his oral surgeries. Weiss is "blown away" by the support his fans have shown, Gallagher wrote in an update Friday.

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"The daily life of his recovery can seem arduous albeit incremental, but when we stop at milestones and look back at where he was, we both get this renewed sense of 'second chance' bliss and responsibility for him to get things right," Gallagher wrote. "In efforts to get Shaun back on pace and succeeding on his own, I am trying to get him a car so he can work and do deliveries until his film career picks back up." According to Gallagher, Weiss even hopes he can star in a sequel to Heavyweights.

Rosenthal, a dentist in Los Angeles, told Page Six Weiss is a "great guy" who still has a way to go in his recovery. "He’s such a good guy, such a sweetheart. He’s putting his weight back on. He is so much more confident," Gabe said. "He’s ready to go. He feels better. Every time I see him he gains a few more pounds." According to the dentist, Weiss' face is "filling out" and he is "smiling like crazy now."


Gabe said his work with Weiss should be finished early next year. If Weiss had to pay, the work would have cost $80,000. Gabe offered to help Weiss for free after hearing about Weiss' struggles from a friend. "His smile definitely gave him a pep in his step. He was definitely doing well on his own, but he was sort of downtrodden without that smile,” Gabe told Page Six. “Now he’s starting to do appearances again.”

Weiss moved to a sober living facility earlier this year after he spent time in jail for residential burglary and being under the influence of methamphetamine. He was arrested multiple times in 2018. In January, he was arrested again for allegedly breaking into a home while he was under the influence of meth. The mugshot after the arrest went viral, and Gallagher launched his successful GoFundMe days later.