Chrissy Teigen Seeks 'Closure' in Her Heart After Memorial Service for Late Son Jack

Chrissy Teigen was open about her pregnancy loss last year, but it wasn't until Thursday that she and her family were finally able to have a memorial service. After losing baby Jack to pregnancy complications last year following a brief hospitalization in late September 2020, Teigen shared photos of herself crying in the hospital alongside her husband, John Legend. This week, Teigen shared a very different set of photos, taken during a memorial service alongside her mother Pepper Teigen, Legend, their two children, Luna and Miles.

"Took me a year but finally honored his little spirit with some blessings today. hopefully, some closure in my heart will happen now," Teigen wrote. "Thank you guys for the kind words. It's a process." Many of Teigen's famous friends shared their condolences, and her fans shared how they related to her family's loss. "As my therapist says, 'Grief is a process with many highs and lows,'" one fan wrote. "That statement was both reassuring and overwhelming. You are doing great, be kind to yourself!!!"

On Tuesday, Teigen marked the one-year anniversary of her pregnancy loss by posting a previously unseen picture of herself and Legend at the hospital. "And to the son we almost had. A year ago you gave me the greatest pain I could ever imagine to show me I could survive anything, even if I didn't want to," Teigen wrote in the heartbreaking caption. "I didn't get to take care of you but you came and went to get me to love myself and take care of myself because our bodies are precious and life is a miracle. They told me it would get easier but yeah, that hasn't started yet. Mom and dad love you forever."

In September 2020, Teigen was hospitalized for excessive bleeding, and she revealed on Sept. 30, 2020 that she suffered a miscarriage. In December 2020, Teigen told fans she did not plan on getting pregnant again. However, earlier this year, she told PEOPLE she might consider having more children. In that same interview, she detailed how her new home with Legend will have a special tribute to Jack. They are planting a tree inside their home and plan on putting Jack's ashes in the soil.

"We have this new home that we're building and this tree being planted inside the home, which is very relatable, yes, everyone has an indoor tree," Teigen explained. "The whole reason that I wanted it was so Jack's ashes could be in that soil and he could be with us all the time and grow through the beautiful leaves on this tree and always be a part of us. He wasn't just a moment in time. He was real and he was real to us and we loved him."