How Offset 'Fought' to Save His Marriage to Cardi B After She Filed for Divorce

Migos rapper Offest "fought" to save his marriage with Cardi B after she filed for divorce in September 2020, Cardi revealed in the first episode of The Jason Lee Show in January. Cardi dropped the divorce case just two months after she filed it, and during that time, Offset agreed to take steps to keep them together. Offset, 31, and Cardi, 30, married in 2017 and are parents to daughter Kulture, 4, and son Wave, 1.

"Me and Offset, we was not seeing eye-to-eye," Cardi told Lee, via Entertainment Tonight. "This was like, the same year I filed for divorce and everything." The "Up" rapper said she would let Offset share his side of the story, hinting that there was a particular thing that "was really bothering me." There was something she wanted him to stop doing and he did, which "showed me that he wanted to change for me."

Cardi filed for divorce in September 2020, citing "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for their split. A month later, the two were seen kissing as they celebrated Cardi's birthday in Las Vegas. They were also seen going to a strip club together in Atlanta. In November 2020, the divorce case against Offset was "dismissed without prejudice."

Weeks before the divorce was dropped, Cardi told her fans on Instagram that she began missing Offset after she filed for divorce. "It's hard not to talk to your best friend. You know what I'm saying? It's really hard not to talk to your best friend," she said in October 2020. She jokingly called themselves "two young motherf—ers who got married early" and they were no different from anyone else in a "dysfunctional a—" relationship.

In another message to fans around that time, Cardi said she filed for divorce to teach Offset a lesson. "If I take a break from my n- and I decide to work things out, that's regular relationship s-," she said. "If I want to go to an extreme to teach a n— a f—ing lesson and f—ing file for divorce, I can do that. It's my life." She also told fans she was "not getting f—ing abused," since some were concerned she was in a "mentally abusive relationship."

Cardi's appearance on The Jason Lee Show was not the only news she made on Jan. 17. She made a court appearance in Queens, New York. She was given an extension to finish 15 days of community service. In September 2022, she pleaded guilty to third-degree assault and reckless endangerment for her role in allegedly ordering an attack on two strip club bartenders in August 2018. Cardi now has until March 1 to complete her sentence, reports TMZ.