Offset Breaks His Silence About Takeoff's Death

Offset has broken his silence regarding the untimely passing of fellow Migos member Takeoff. On Instagram, Offset paid tribute to the late rapper by reminiscing about some of the amazing moments that they shared together. Takeoff, who was born Kirsnik Khari Ball, was shot and killed on Nov. 1 at a bowling alley in Houston. 

Offset began his post with a message in which he spoke about the "pain" that he's felt regarding his friend's death. He wrote, "Dear Take, the pain you have left me with is unbearable. My heart is shattered and I have so many things to say, but I can't find the words." The rapper went on to describe the situation as a "nightmare" that he can't quite wake up from. Offset wrote that whenever he saw Takeoff, the late rapper would greet him with a hug. 

"I wish I could hug you one last time," Offset continued. "Laugh one last time. Smoke one last time. Perform one last time. I know someone with a soul like yours is in heaven now. I hope you can see how much we love you and miss you. You have left a hole in my heart that will never be filled." He continued to urge Takeoff to give him "strength," adding, "Even though I know you will always be with us, throw me a lil sign or a beautiful dream. I love you forever, 4L and after." In addition to posting such a moving message, Offset also included some throwback videos and photos of some of the better times that he shared with Takeoff. 

Offset's post comes a day after his wife, Cardi B, shared her own tribute to Takeoff via Instagram. She began, "Takeoff your untimely passing has brought a great deal of pain and sorrow to so many lives. The impact you had in this world was so considerable and we have struggled to grasp this tragedy. I am heartbroken but I am grateful for all the precious memories we got to share while you were here with us." Cardi added that the pain they've all been experiencing has been "incomparable." Still, she wrote that Takeoff's "bros," Offset and Quavo, as well as his fans, "will make sure the world never forgets the impact you made."

Both Offset and Cardi were in attendance for Takeoff's celebration of life, which took place on Friday in Atlanta. The gathering took place over a week after Takeoff was killed after being shot in a bowling alley in Houston. He was 28 years old at the time of his passing.