'Name Your Price' Season 2 Makes Major Change

Hit Twitch/YouTube game show Name Your Price recently premiered its second season, but fans who tuned into Season 1 earlier this year should be aware of a huge change the time around. While a "huge change" to a program typically is an unnerving thing, the G4 TV series' main alteration for Season 2 is a definite improvement. As revealed in the Season 2 trailer (and put into action in the first two episodes of Season 2) guests are now competing in person.

Name Your Price Season 1's in-studio component was all talent-centric. Co-hosts AustinShow and Will Neff and item presenter JustaMinx were all in the G4's Burbank, California, studio, but the game show's contestants were always patched in via a video call. This was obviously safer from a coronavirus conscience standpoint and allowed for guests to call in from anywhere in the world. However, there were some huge drawbacks to having remote contestants.

There would often be connection issues, leading to random dropouts and pauses. It was also harder to wrangle the contestants digitally, meaning they would go off on tangents to try to pull off their own bits that just messed up the flow of the show. Plus, the price-guessing competitions of Name Your Price were often tricky to fairly moderate. 

Now that guests are in-studio, things flow much smoother. Plus, the contestants can now be directly sucked into the insane studio antics of the leading trio, giving way more chances for comedy. In the first episodes, contestants bantered about the smell and feel of various objects, and one competitor, TikTok pop star Bella Poarch, was proposed to by Minx in a hilarious moment.

Plus, this also leads to further collaboration with other G4 shows. After Season 2, Episode 1, contestant Hasan Piker appeared on Neff's call-in comedy show Hey, Donna!, and cyr did the same following Season 2, Episode 2.

Name Your Price Season 2 airs Thursday at 5 p.m. ET via AustinShow's Twitch channel and G4's Twitch and YouTube channels. In the meantime, Name Your Price's past episodes are streaming on YouTube. You can also still catch reruns as they air on G4's cable channel and livestreaming hubs like G4 Select, the network's Pluto TV channel.