Hit New Game Show Officially Getting a Second Season

Launching a new show is never easy, so creators and networks are always relieved when a new property takes off. It seems the hit online/cable game show Name Your Price is one of those properties. After high stream numbers and VOD views, the G4 TV game show, which was produced in partnership with Twitch and YouTube star AustinShow, is coming back for a second season. While G4 has not issued a press release about the renewal, the leading personalities who star in the series broke the news on social media.

Item presenter JustaMinx and co-hosts AustinShow and Will Neff all shared photos from a '70s-style photoshoot done in promotion of the price-guessing game show's second season. While those three personalities led Season 1, there also seems to be a fourth Twitch streamer joining the fun for Season 2. Hasan Piker, the streamer known for his political commentary and gaming broadcasts, was also part of the promotional shoot. A longtime friend and collaborator of AustinShow and company, Piker (a.k.a. HasanAbi) was a recurring contestant on Name Your Price Season 1. It's unclear exactly what role he'll play in Season 2, though the show would sometimes welcome a second item presenter, such as Amouranth or Austin Creed (a.k.a. WWE Superstar Xavier Woods), in Season 1.

To announce the news, Neff shared a promo shot on Instagram, writing, "You can tell by the fanfare: it's me. Name Your Price is coming back." JustaMinx also confirmed the news, writing on Instagram, "name your price season 2 wahoo." AustinShow also joined in on the promo, ensuring fans that a premiere date would soon be revealed. While G4 has notably stayed mum on Name Your Price's future (and made some curious changes to the show's dedicated YouTube channel), the network did retweet Neff's message and a rep did comment a money bag emoji on his Instagram post.

Season 1 of Name Your Price was a smashing success, so a Season 2 renewal was far from surprising. Major Twitch/YouTube personalities like Pokimane, Ironmouse, xQc, Ludwig, QTCinderella, Emiru, Mizkif, Sodapoppin, Moist Cr1TiKaL and Maya Higa all made appearances, driving in some huge streaming numbers compared to some of G4's other programming. The VODs, which are uploaded to both AustinShow's and G4's official channels, also racked up impressive totals after the streams ended. While some episodes suffered from guests that didn't quite mesh with the format, the leading trio and overall chaotic vibe of the live stream made the show fun to watch.


While fans await Season 2, Season 1 is streaming in full on YouTube. You can also still catch reruns as they air on G4's cable channel and livestreaming channels like G4 Select, the network's Pluto TV channel