Tom Brady's 'Drunk' Boat Video: New Footage Catches What He Really Said

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers celebrated the Super Bowl LV victory with a Wednesday boat parade that drew a massive crowd. Quarterback Tom Brady went viral during the celebration due to him appearing to be intoxicated as he made his way back onto solid ground. Now there is audio of a conversation between him and tight end Cameron Brate.

CBS Tampa sports anchor and reporter Grace Remington posted a video on Twitter that features new audio from the seven-time Super Bowl champion. Not every single line of dialogue is understandable due to the loud music being played in celebration, but Brady said that he and Brate had broken all of the rules. He also told the tight end that "if that had hit your face, it would have been a disaster."

Brate had comments of his own about the now-infamous Lombardi Trophy pass. He said that Brady's throw was incredible. He also referred to the "play" as the "best catch of my life." The video then came to an end, cutting short a conversation that football fans wanted to witness.

The pass the two men referenced did not take place on the football field. It actually started on Brady's luxury yacht and ended on a boat jam-packed with wide receivers and tight ends. The QB also used the Lombardi Trophy instead of a traditional Wilson football.

Brady grasped the iconic trophy in his hands and swayed back and forth on the rear of his yacht. He then launched the Lombardi Trophy in the direction of his skill position players. Brate made the catch of his life before Rob Gronkowski clutched the trophy and held it high in celebration. The other players on the boat began cheering and jumping up and down.


"That was the best catch of my life," Brate later said to the Tampa Bay Times. "Unbelievable. That was THE best catch of my life. If I had dropped that? I think I would've had to retire."

Several people on social media saw the trophy toss and the video of Brady stumbling while in the arms of third-string QB Ryan Griffin. They proclaimed that he was "sauced" and asked if alcohol was part of the TB12 Method. Brady, for his part, retweeted the video of him and made jokes about having too much "avocado tequila," prompting a new nickname of Tequila Tom.