Tom Brady Attends Buccaneers' Super Bowl Parade in New $2 Million Boat

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers celebrated the victory in Super Bowl LV on Wednesday afternoon, doing so in a manner befitting a Florida team. The players and coaches hopped onto several boats for a water-based parade while showing off the Lombardi Trophy. Quarterback Tom Brady joined in on the fun while showing off his new $2 million boat.

A video surfaced on Twitter that showed the seven-time Super Bowl champion arriving at the site of the boat parade with a police escort. The sleek watercraft was much larger than others in attendance and it constantly turned heads from the fans and reporters on site. Other videos showed the massive, blue boat just floating among a group of much smaller watercraft. Brady paid tribute to the Buccaneers' franchise history by wearing a retro shirt as he waved to the crowd.

Several people responded to the site of Brady in his boat by saying that "this is how legends pull up." Others just made comments about the quarterback flexing on other people. Though a few made critical comments, saying that Brady received a Paycheck Protection Program loan for TB12 but still purchased the multi-million-dollar boat.

The Super Bowl LV MVP was not the only person on the boat enjoying the festivities. Reporter Greg Auman said that head coach Bruce Arians and general manager Jason Licht joined Brady on the boat. His wife, Gisele Bundchen, and their children were also along for the ride. Additionally, a blurry photo showed several other people taking part in the parade while riding in style, including TB12's Alex Guerrero.

Brady wasn't simply riding on the boat and waving to the fans — although he did so frequently. Auman posted another photo that showed the quarterback in full control of his massive boat while taking part in the parade. "So Brady not only brought his own new boat, he's driving it. Power move," Auman tweeted.


TMZ originally revealed in early December that Brady had added the luxury watercraft to his inventory of vehicles. The outlet posted the first photos showing the custom, state-of-the-art watercraft and its blue paint job. Brady named the vehicle "Viva a Vida," which is the same name as Gisele Bundchen's environmental conservation initiative.