Vanessa Lachey Teases 'Spicy' New 'Love Is Blind' Season 3 (Exclusive)

Vanessa Lachey has many hats, and one of those is co-host of Netflix's Love Is Blind with her husband, Nick Lachey. A third season filmed in Dallas is coming soon, and Lachey promises it will be a "spicy" set of episodes. The show's first season was released just weeks before the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns in 2020 and became a huge success for the streamer. Season 2 debuted in February and was set in Chicago.

Each season begins with singles who meet in "pods," where they talk to each other and fall in love without seeing each other. They only meet after agreeing to get engaged, then each couple is sent to a retreat where they get to meet other couples and get to know one another before saying "I do" or "I don't." Although the show's format is the same for Season 3, Lachey told in an exclusive interview the new cast will provide plenty of entertainment.

"It's a different city and therefore it's going to be a different show," Lachey said. "Every city offers different characters and different dynamics. And this season, it's a spicy one. I'll say that."

Love Is Blind has been one of the few pandemic hits to keep going, but Lachey believes the show would have succeeded no matter when it launched. To her, the show hits home for many because it is "very real," she said. The show takes the search for love back to the pre-social media days before apps allowed people to make decisions on who they wanted to meet based on the first photos they saw.

"It talks about finding love based on who you are, which is what we all want, especially living in this swipe generation of cat-fishing and photos that can be retouched," Lachey told us. "You just want to know that someone loves you for you and everything else is the cherry on top and the icing on the cake. And literally, psychologists say communication is the foundation of any relationship. So if you were able to communicate with this person who then is going to be your partner and your spouse, then you should be good in tackling all the other issues that come your way, i.e. family, friends, money and environment workplace."

Love Is Blind "brings dating back to how it was meant to be," Lachey said. "I think that is what really intrigues people. The emotions and reactions are real. We didn't make anybody cry in the pods. We didn't tell anybody to propose. They did all of that on their own."

Lachey and Nick also host The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, which debuted on Netflix in April. A second season is already in the works. There's a reason why the Lacheys prefer to host dating shows instead of other reality formats, like Survivor. "We try to do things that are organic to who we are, and I've never had to survive on an island without the luxuries of life," the NCIS: Hawai'i star said. "Thank goodness. And my husband and I have been together for 16 years in this industry, which I guess in dog industry years is like a thousand."

Netflix has not set a release date for Love Is Blind Season 3 yet, but the first two are still available. In the meantime, Lachey joined Dairy Queen to spread the word about DQ Miracle Treat Day on July 28. Dairy Queen will donate $1 to Children's Miracle Network for every Blizzard treat sold that day.