'Teen Mom' Alum Farrah Abraham Opens up About Spending Time With Derek Underwood's Family for Daughter Sophia

Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham and daughter Sophia will be visiting the family of Sophia's father, the late Derek Underwood, in Kansas City this month. Sophia "craves" getting to know Underwood's family since she never got to know Underwood himself. Sophia was born after Underwood died in a car crash in 2008, when MTV was in the middle of filming 16 and Pregnant.

Abraham is "just grateful" to have a few days with Underwood's family and told InTouch Weekly they have welcomed her with open arms. "I've been through a lot as a teen mom, but I'm so grateful for Sophia's father's dad's side of the family and us getting along," Abraham said of her relationship with Underwood's father Jerry. Abraham still has a rocky relationship with Underwood's mother, Stormie Clark, though.

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According to Abraham, Sophia spent a whole month with Jerry last summer. She "hopped on a plane on her own and she came here and she stayed," Abraham said. She was worried they would have to pause a trip this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, but that ultimately did not stop her from traveling to Kansas City from California. Abraham called spending time with Underwood's family a "blessing" and she is "just so lucky." They do not have much planned, but Abraham said she is sure they are "going to have plenty of fun."

In the decade since Underwood's death, Abraham has made a serious effort in keeping his memory alive for Sophia. In December 2019, she took Sophia to Underwood's grave to mark the 11th anniversary of his death. "For 11 years I've been through a broken heart, depression, Bereavement, and keeping strong for Sophia who so deserves the world, I plan to share a full video on YouTube- in loving memory of Daddy Derek you have touched so many and are truly special, loved and never forgotten," the former MTV star wrote.

In May, Abraham angered some of her followers by referring to herself as a "widow" on Mother's Day, which happened to be a few days before what would have been Underwood's 30th birthday this year. Abraham and Underwood were not married at the time of his death, meaning she is technically not a widow. Fans also reminded Abraham that she and Underwood broke up before his death.


"As I've not been sleeping, crying, and remembering all of my therapy, trauma therapy I will say because of Mother's Day here I wish no other woman to be a widow, a woman who has to hold it all together even when the world is against her," Abraham wrote in a long Instagram message at the time. She later added that it "always feels like things may get easier then we miss our special person on trips, or not able to visit their grave due to Covid 19 or amazing times you wish they could be there with or just talk."