Farrah Abraham Visits Ex Derek Underwood's Grave With Daughter Sophia on 11th Anniversary of His Death

Teen Mom alum Farrah Abraham once again took time to honor and visit the grave of ex-boyfriend Derek Underwood. The father of Abraham's daughter Sophia was killed less than two months before her birth in 2008 in a car accident that killed him, friend Zachary Mendoza and injured another friend.

Since then, the former Teen Mom has marked the date by paying tribute to "the love of my life," posting about him and visiting his gravesite with her daughter.

While she has gotten some criticism for the visits in the past, she continued her tradition this year with a video of her visit.

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"For 11 years I've been through a broken heart, depression, Bereavement, and keeping strong for Sophia who so deserves the world, I plan to share a full video on YouTube- in loving memory of Daddy Derek you have touched so many and are truly special, loved and never forgotten," Abraham wrote on Twitter alongside a rain-soaked video of the graveside visit.

Abraham also paid tribute to others who lost their loved ones to accidents or drunk driving over the years.

"Rain, Snow or Shine we love you. For the teen mom widows, children whom never met their fathers, and moms against drunk driving and those who have lost those they loved thank you for sharing your stories over the years it's meant the world," Abraham added on Instagram.

Fans and followers of the Teen Mom alum chimed in with their own kind words and messages for the reality star.

"You know I really respect how you continue to honor Derek and are teaching Sophia to do the same. Just because your loved one has passed doesn't mean you forget them," one fan wrote. "God bless you and your daughter for remembering and honoring your loved one . So many people don't even go once to the Cemetary after their loved one is placed there. Very sad."

"Farrah keep ur head up! It's hard to understand sometimes y they have to go but god knows best. Sophia was meant for u at such a young age because A part of Derek needed to live on. Loves ya guys and hang in there," another added.

"I think it is so awesome that you do this every year," a third wrote.

Not everybody was on board with Abraham's tribute, though. Like previous years, critics were quick to call out the reality star.

"It's sick what you'll do for a second of almost 'true feelings,'" one critic wrote.

"it's sweet that they do this every year... but does it need to be broadcasted on social media?? just makes it seem staged and not very authentic," another added.


Abraham has always tried to keep her daughter in mind when it comes to her late father. Despite never meeting him, it seems they have created a good tradition in light of alleged bullying Sophia has faced over the years.