'Teen Mom 2' Alum Jenelle Evans Hits Back at Reports David Eason Is Cheating

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans responded to rumors that David Eason cheated on her. Evans was planning to get a divorce last year following Eason's dog-shooting scandal and allegations of abuse, but she never accused him of cheating on her. The former MTV star now says Eason has never cheated on her during their time together.

The rumors started after a photo of Eason with another woman surfaced. On Monday, Eason did an Instagram Q&A, during which she told a fan Eason has "never cheated on me, lol," reports InTouch Weekly. Another person asked who the woman was in the photo, which Eason said was taken when the couple were separated. The photo resurfaced because of an "obsessed fan" who "has posted it before but deleted it." Evans said she had "no idea" why the fan shared the picture.

"This chick has also hung out with [Andrew Glennon] and even tried getting with Nathan [Griffith] before hitting up David," Evans wrote in another Instagram Story post. "If you're so 'in love' then leave the past in the past and go show your attention to your HUSBAND." Again, Evans insisted the photo was taken when she and Eason were separated "when David did his own thing and [I didn't care because] I did my own thing too... duh." The last part likely references Evans' brief relationships with Herbert Wilkinson and Travis Tidwell while she lived in the Nashville area.

Evans announced she planned to get a divorce in October 2019. She filed for a restraining order, listing 11 alleged instances of Eason being abusive. However, six months later, Evans said she and Eason were back together. On June 14, Evans said she was going to break up with Eason again after he was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon after allegedly getting into an altercation with friends. One friend, James Spivey, accused Eason of making a deadly threat during the alleged incident.

"I'm shaking and saddened by this, it's time for me to move on from this relationship and find happiness for my kids and myself elsewhere," Evans told Celebernation after the alleged incident. She also claimed she planned to file for another restraining order. However, The Sun published photos of the two together, holding hands and hugging when they visited a park.


Spivey told The Sun that Evans' comments to Celebernation were not true. "She's claiming she's with relatives, but it's the opposite. She's staying at the property. They're back together," Spivey said. "She made it very clear she doesn't want to be alone. She doesn't want to live on the property alone."