'Southern Charm' Alum Cameran Eubanks Opens up About Leaving Bravo Show in New Book

Cameran Eubanks is opening up about her decision to leave Southern Charm ahead of this season in a new book of essays, titled, One Day You'll Thank Me: Essays on Dating, Motherhood, and Everything In Between. The Bravo star, who first entered the reality TV world on The Real World before being cast in the Charleston, South Carolina-based series, exited Southern Charm after castmate Kathryn Dennis brought up a rumor that husband Jason Wimberly had cheated on her. While Eubanks denies the rumor, she acknowledged in her new book that it played a role in her decision to leave.

"My mantra with social media if you are on a reality show: You don't like the heat? Get out of the kitchen. Well, get out of the kitchen is exactly what I did after season six," the mother of 3-year-old Palmer wrote, as per E! News. "At that point, I had a child and since becoming a mother, my priorities had changed. I also felt like I was at a different place in my life. It was time to move on."

She also alluded to the "false accusation" and "nasty rumors" spread about her husband last year, which she said started to feel "a bit icky" and pinned on castmates attempting to make the show more interesting. Looking back at her six seasons, Eubanks said she still doesn't regret her time on the show, calling it a "very positive experience" in the end. "I'm pretty certain I am done with reality TV, though," she added. "I've got two shows under my belt, and at this point I am enjoying a simpler life without a camera in my face."


Eubanks announced her exit from Southern Charm in May 2020, calling out the "insidious rumors" about her husband, a doctor who rarely appeared on camera during her time on the show. "You must protect what is sacred to you," she continued. "Some things aren't worth a big paycheck. What upsets me the most is that my husband, who is the most sincere and faithful human I know, is being falsely dragged into this. It disgusts me. He always supported me filming the show even though he wanted no part of the spotlight. I can't get too upset though because this is what you sign up for when you put [your] life on reality TV…and why I'm getting out of it now."