'Southern Charm': Kathryn Dennis Blasted Over 'White Privilege' in Fiery Season 7 Trailer

Southern Charm is back for the seventh season, and there are much more serious issues facing the Charleston crew than ever in the past. Returning this season are cast members Craig Conover,  Kathryn Dennis, Austen Kroll and Shep Rose — all of whom will be facing conversations about the coronavirus pandemic as well as racism and politics. Watch the Bravo trailer here.

Joined by new cast members Madison LeCroy, Leva Bonaparte and John Pringle, Bonaparte makes it clear right off the bat she isn't afraid to stand up for herself. "Kathryn, you've spent your entire life living in a bubble of white privilege," she tells Dennis. The Bravo star was accused of being racist earlier this year, using a monkey emoji in an email to activist and radio show host Mika Gadsden, who is Black, while defending Charleston business owner for organizing a Trump parade.

"In my heart, I know I'm the furthest thing from racist," Dennis says in the trailer. The mother-of-two will also have to contend with her pride in being the ancestor of John C. Calhoun as Charleston debates removing his statue and Danni Baird calls the former vice president a "proud enslaver."

Dennis did apologize for her use of the monkey emoji back in May, tweeting at the time, "I want to acknowledge that using a monkey emoji in my text was offensive, and from the bottom of my heart I sincerely apologize to anyone and everyone I hurt. Although the context was not my intention, there are no 'if ands or buts' that excuse me. I did not give it thought, and it was and is wrong. I know I am not that person. I know and will do better."

Also this season, Dennis will have to deal with more drama as it relates to ex Thomas Ravenel. "Thomas got a girl pregnant and she's having the baby," she tells Baird. She will also be dealing with her own sobriety, taking a shot in the trailer then saying in a confessional sarcastically, "Oh my god, what is she doing? She's off the wagon!"


Dennis was right about one thing — Ravenel and ex-girlfriend Heather Mascoe did welcome son Jonathan Jackson in July. Ravenel exited Southern Charm after Season 5 when he was accused of raping his child's nanny, for which he was arrested and pleaded guilty to third-degree assault and battery. He was required to pay a $500 fine instead of a 30-day jail sentence and settled in October 2019 with the nanny for $125,000 with Ravenel apologizing and agreeing to pay $45,000 in her legal fees and an additional $80,000 to local nonprofit aiding adult survivors of sexual assault. Southern Charm Season 7 returns Thursday, Oct. 29, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.