Jim Edmonds Reportedly Calls 'RHOBH' Star Teddi Mellencamp a 'Piece of S—' in Leaked DMs

Teddi Mellencamp is sharing the angry DMs former Real Housewives of Orange Country husband Jim Edmonds allegedly sent her after she and his ex-wife, Meghan King, briefly discussed his impending James Bond-themed nuptials with fiancée Kortnie O'Connor on Mellencamp's Two Ts In A Pod podcast.

After the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star called the theme "very cringe," the former MLB player allegedly reached out to her in her Instagram DMs, demanding to know how she had gotten to see an invitation, and the subsequent conversation got contentious quickly. "Did Meghan send you that invitation? Hard to believe that out of the 18 we sent to our close friends 1 founds its way to you," Edmonds allegedly began.

(Photo: Teddi Mellencamp)

Mellencamp said King was "blindsided" by the topic during her podcast, and that she had seen the invitation after someone sent it over, having heard King would be on an upcoming episode. When Edmonds asked Mellencamp for proof, she turned him down. "But I give you my word," she wrote, "I will happily have Cortney [sic] on the pod to discuss and apologize for showing it."

"I don't believe anything that comes out of my exes [sic] mouth so how should I trust you?" he responded, asking once again for proof. "And why would she want to come on your podcast after you literally just laughed at our so-called wedding invitation that you read completely wrong on the air." When Mellencamp said the invitation was shared on a public Instagram Story as well, she told the former athlete she wasn't going to fight with him anymore. 

"I can apologize but that's where I leave it," she said, as Edmonds allegedly wrote back, "I got some advice for you. Clean up your own s- and stop worrying about other peoples before It comes back to bite you in the ass." The Bravo alum clapped back, "Gotcha. I love when men angry text women they don't know," which seemed to set Edmonds off more.

"We're not fighting. I am now calling you out because of the trash that you put on your podcast and your trashy guest that you had on trying to make fun of somebody else trying to have a good life. So, you talk trash about my wedding but you don't know me? Or my fiancé. That must make you trash," he wrote in the screenshots she shared.

"I'm not angry I feel back [sic] for you and your family if that's how you're making a living from getting kicked off a fake reality show. Have a nice life piece of s-," he continued. "Do you know what people think of you. That's sad that you're trying to bring other people down. I won't have any of it anymore good luck." Mellencamp replied simply, "Good bye Jim. You are welcome to have Courtney come on and I'll apologize to her. That's where I will leave it." The final message was from Edmonds, who seemingly corrected Mellencamp's spelling as he wrote, "We would not stoop so low. And it's Kortnie by the way."