'Dog the Bounty Hunter': Lyssa Chapman's Stuns in Bikini Beach Photos With Fiancee

Dog the Bounty Hunter star and daughter Lyssa Chapman no longer gets called baby these days, unless it's from her significant other. Her professional mission and life in Hawaii also changes the view of the former reality star. Chapman has been supportive of father Duane "Dog" Chapman following the death of stepmother Beth Chapman, but her true passion in recent months is targeting human trafficking.

That said, the COVID-19 pandemic changes a bit and Chapman has done her best to adapt and enjoy life through relaxing moments with her fiancee Leiana. Chapman has had a few "BaeStayCations" with her future wife and her children, soaking up the Hawaiian scenery and sunshine. The latest comes at the end of February and showcases the magic of a beautiful Sunday by the sea.

It is fitting that Chapman would continue to enjoy some sunshine with her fiancee. The pair experienced a rough patch following the death of Beth Chapman and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. So they took a hiking trip in Hawaii to fix the gap.

"We decided that since there was a little bit of a lag in COVID, we would take a little love trip for a weekend," Chapman told The Sun. "So we went to Kauai and we just basically ran that island to the ground. We hiked and we went to about 14 different beaches every day and just had a really good time spending time together and enjoying each other's company."

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And since then, Chapman has kept busy with the beach time, supporting her father and new fiancee Francie Frane and kickstarting her own clothing business through her social media. Lyssa also recently joined OnlyFans, the latest celebrity, to jump to the typically adult-oriented subscription site. "The most alluring thing a woman can wear is confidence," Chapman's bio reads on the site alongside her seven posts and over 500 likes so far.


The vacations also make sense given the primary goal of Chapman's efforts against human trafficking. The former reality star and family friend Rainy Robinson teamed up to use "skills and everything that we've acquired over the years" and apply it to missing peoples' cases.

"Spending all my time at my desk these days. Researching the inn's and outs of [human sex trafficking] he affects on families, the horrible underbelly of an international pandemic that The Department of Defense calls the 'The world's fastest-growing crime.'" Chapman captioned a post from November on the new mission. "This is the beginning of my journey, my calling. Finally I can find redemption in this world, doing good that no one can deny me."