'Dog the Bounty Hunter': Lyssa Chapman Joins OnlyFans

Dog the Bounty Hunter star 'Baby Lyssa' Chapman has joined OnlyFans. The reality TV star, who is [...]

Dog the Bounty Hunter star "Baby Lyssa" Chapman has joined OnlyFans. The reality TV star, who is the daughter of famed bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman, joined the subscription-only social media platform back in November 2020. OnlyFans, which boasts a number of high profile celebrities, such as Bella Thorne, allows influencers, celebrities and adult entertainers to share content that might be censored on Instagram or Twitter.

While Chapman initially announced she was joining the platform on Nov. 16, earning plenty of praise from fans, some seemingly missed the memo, which was shared on Twitter. A recent Instagram post shared on Feb. 21 showing Chapman soaking up the sun in Hawaii had one fan asking, "Please OnlyFans pleaseeeeeee." Chapman informed that user that she already has an account and encouraged them to "go look." The first image in that Instagram post, showing Chapman striking a pose on a cliff by the ocean, now serves as the header image on her OnlyFans account. Since joining, Chapman has shared a total of seven posts and received 492 likes, according to her account, which boasts a bio reading, "The most alluring thing a woman can wear is confidence."

OnlyFans is only one of Chapman's latest business endeavors. At around the same time she created her account, she also shared some exciting news: she has teamed up with fellow reality star Rainy Robinson on a mission to find missing children and sex trafficking victims. The two teamed up after discussing how to put best "the skills and everything that we've acquired over the years" to use" and realizing the dire need to help missing peoples' cases. In November, the duo launched lostneverforgotten.org. The website allows family members and loved ones of missing people to reach out for them and request help. Chapman told The Sun at the time that they had already begun receiving "tons of emails," explaining that "the plan is to reunite families to give answers, whether it's good answers or bad answers."

On Nov. 18, Chapman gave fans a glimpse at the work, sharing a photo of herself to Instagram sitting in front of a computer with a pad of paper and a pen. She said she was "spending all my time at my desk these days. Researching the inn's and outs of [human sex trafficking] he affects on families, the horrible underbelly of an international pandemic that The Department of Defense calls the 'The world's fastest-growing crime.'" She said, "This is the beginning of my journey, my calling. Finally I can find redemption in this world, doing good that no one can deny me."