'Alaskan Bush People': Gabe and Birdy Find Themselves in the Midst of Gunfire in Tense Exclusive Clip

The next episode of Alaskan Bush People will feature a tense moment in the mountains for Birdy Brown and Gabe Brown, as the siblings' time together is interrupted by gunshots. In an exclusive clip from the new episode airing Sunday, the two scramble to safety — especially after having no idea who fired off the weapons. The show's 12th season finds the family facing some of the worst conditions they have seen since leaving Alaska.

In the new preview, Gabe is chopping firewood for his family before leaving to join wife Raquell for the birth of their baby. At first, things seem fine, as Birdy helps Gabe repair an ax. Suddenly, a gunshot rang out, though, and the producers wondered if it was a member of the Wolfpack. Gabe was confident that no member of the Brown family would carelessly fire into the air like that, so he and Birdy packed up their things to leave. "When you hear a gunshot ring out, and you know it's not one of the Wolfpack, it's a scary situation" because "you don't know who, what, where."

As Gabe notes, not every hunter in the area is as "safe as they should be." The scene was filmed during the last days of the deer hunting season in Washington, and there was a surge in hunters around the Brown property. Birdy's main concern is that many might not know they are on their ranch. "I guess it's just something that's going to happen," she said.

Alaskan Bush People Season 12 kicked off on Aug. 23 and new episodes air Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Discovery Channel. Gabe and Raquelle Rose married last year with two separate ceremonies. They announced they were expecting their first child together in July 2019. The two said the baby was due in November, but when they never announced the baby's birth, fans became concerned. In May, a rep for the couple confirmed to The Sun the baby was born and is "healthy." The couple just decided to keep their baby's name private, although fans might learn more during the new season.


The new season might also touch on a very recent tragedy for the family. In August, they were forced to evacuate their ranch because of a wildfire burning near their home in Okanogan County. The family said everyone was evacuated safely. "On August 18, a wildfire broke out near the Brown family's land. The family is safe, but the fire is still raging," the family said in an Aug. 23 statement. "To learn how you can help those fighting wildfire devastation, visit the American Red Cross at redcross.org or call 1-800-RED-CROSS."

ABP's new episodes have also focused on the Brown family's construction of a two-story cabin as a home for Billy, Ami, Noah, Rhain Alisha, Eli, Gabe, Raquell, and the new baby. They started building the foundation late, though, meaning they had to unfreeze frozen ground. Bear is also dealing with his breakup. Meanwhile, Noah works on constructing the first Brown tractor snowplow, and Birdy is also working on her leather-crafting skills.