'Alaskan Bush People' Star Gabe Brown Marries Raquell Rose Again

Alaskan Bush People star Gabe Brown has wed wife Raquell Rose Pantilla for the second time [...]

Alaskan Bush People star Gabe Brown has wed wife Raquell Rose Pantilla for the second time according to PEOPLE. The couple were first married back on Jan. 14 and decided to keep the celebrations going, setting up a more open ceremony the second time around.

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"We wanted a private ceremony first -- my brother Noah actually married us!" Brown told PEOPLE at the time.

Brown and Rose first met through his sister, Rain Brown, and started seeing each other on Valentine's Day 2018. One year later, the couple were married and couldn't be happier it seems,

"We're so happy to have found each other," Brown said. " And can't wait for what life has in store for us."

The relationship made for some fodder for the Discovery series earlier in March. Brown told cameras how he came to know his wife and take their relationship to the next level, nerves and all.

"Now it's time to take that relationship and take the next step and do a proper date on the mountain," Brown explained in the episode. "I can stare down 13-ft. grizzly bears and not think much of it, but when it comes to dating, I get super nervous. Fingers crossed, a couple prayers in to the big guy — I hope this goes well."

(Photo: Gabriel Starbuck Brown/Instagram)

It ended up going well and the entire family seems happy for Brown.

"Gabe is the most loving, kind and funny guy I know -- he makes me laugh every day," Rose said during the ceremony. "I'm so excited to start our lives together and thankful for the support of our friends and family and to God for bringing us together."

Billy Brown also had plenty of kind words to say about his new daughter-in-law, sharing just how happy he is for his son, Gabriel.

"Ami and I are married 40 years this June and there is truly no better gift than to celebrate their marriage and watch the family grow. Noah and Gabe have met their matches and everyone has just made us so proud," the Alaskan Bush People patriarch said.

But for Gabe Brown, one thing was the most special aspect of the latest ceremony.

"I'm so happy my family, especially my mom, could be by our side on our special day," Brown said to PEOPLE. "Raquell is my one true love and we're really grateful to have met each other. God is good."

Alaskan Bush People has been renewed for season 10 and will air Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on Discovery.