'Alaskan Bush People': Bear Brown Goes off on Ex, Accuses Her of Abuse

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown has shown many sides of himself that fans haven't seen in recent months. The reality star thought he found love with ex Raiven Adams, but it quickly went sour and complicated after Adams revealed she was pregnant. The couple tried again to make things work, but the relationship fell apart.

Brown has yet to meet his son despite his relationship with Adams seeming to stay in the amicable territory. But frays are beginning to show and Brown has lost his calm, calling out Adams as "abusive" and calling out alleged lies she has spread.

The Alaskan Bush People star posted a heated message to Instagram attempting to set the record straight and teasing an upcoming post addressing specific allegations. He also included a photo of himself "looking focused" according to The Blast.

"I have something to say! Everything that Raiven has told the news tabloids and has insinuated about me, is a mean abusive lie and I will no longer stand by and say nothing! Soon I will be making a post about the truth of what happened between us! Since Raiven has not stoped [sic] lying about me, people deserve to know the truth!" Brown wrote in the caption of the post.

The Blast notes that Adams had filed a restraining order against Brown and alleged he abused drugs and made threats toward her with a gun. The order was eventually dropped and Brown denied the accusations, but he elaborated on his side with the post.

"It was Raiven who was abusive toward me and she continues to be so, by constantly lying about me, I will not stand by and do nothing! I never did any drugs I never threatened her with a gun or anything else she has said I did!" Brown wrote. "She didn't even tell me until two days after River was born! It's sad that someone I loved would treat me such a way! It's heart breaking!"


Adams did respond to Brown's comments according to the outlet. Instead of lashing out and airing drama on social media, the reality star's ex posted a restrained, cryptic message on the platform.

"I would rather respond this way," she wrote. "The mouth should have three gatekeepers. Is it true? Is it kind? And is it necessary?"