'Alaskan Bush People': Bear Brown Legally Declared Father of Ex Raiven Adams' Child

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown has officially confirmed that he is the legal father to his [...]

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown has officially confirmed that he is the legal father to his son, River. The announcement came after months of confusion, with The Sun reporting that he made the announcement via Instagram. "Hey everybody, I've got some awesome news to share with you all," he said in a video. "It is one hundred percent official: River is my son, I got the results in today. It is awesome news. It was never any doubt but in order for me to get equal rights as a parent that is one thing I had to prove that I am actually River's dad."

Court documents reportedly noted that the state of Alaska found "clear and convincing evidence that Solomon Isaiah Brown (Bear) is the biological father of the minor child." While Brown may be the father, his breakup and custody battle with ex-fiancée Raiven Adams hasn't been a walk in the park. The two have had a pretty rough relationship, having split after Adams accused Brown of "erratic" and "abusive" behavior, claiming that he threatened her with a gun and that "gun laws don't apply" to him, ending in a restraining order. The restraining order has since been dropped.

Due to their rocky relationship, they're having issues over the custody of their 13-week-old child. Adams is demanding sole custody of their son; however, Brown has filed for joint custody. Adam's court filing read, "It is in the best interests of the minor child that defendant Raiven Adams have sole legal custody of the minor child." It also stated that for River's best interest that the new mom get "primary physical custody of the minor child," with Brown having "restricted visitation."

Since giving birth on March 9, Adams has been raising River on her own. Fans got to see their relationship play out on the Discovery series after Adams was hired to be the photographer at Brown's brother, Gabe Brown's, wedding. Following their initial introduction, Brown was infatuated with Adams and invited her back to the farm. This prompted Brown to tidy up his place — as each family member has grown out of their group housing way of living so that each child can have their own space as they start their own families. In the process, he added a window to his place, while also trying to clean up a few other things around his living space. Fans also got to witness him giving her a promise ring in hopes of marriage one day. Unfortunately, things went south for the former couple just months later.