Taylor Swift Gives Fans a Sneak Peek at 'Breathe' Recording With Colbie Caillat

After featuring 'Breathe,' a duet with Colbie Caillat, on the original version of Fearless, Taylor [...]

After featuring "Breathe," a duet with Colbie Caillat, on the original version of Fearless, Taylor Swift will do the same for the new "Taylor's Version" of her Grammy-winning second album. Fearless (Taylor's Version) is set for release on Friday, but Swift shared a teaser of the new version of "Breathe" with Caillat on Tumblr Thursday. The new take on Fearless will include six new songs that did not make the original 2008 edition.

"Breathe (Taylor's Version)" features all-new vocals and new production. Swift shared a 20-second clip of the new version Thursday, alongside a throwback photo from the Fearless era. The original version of "Breathe" was included in the first release of Fearless, which received multiple releases in 2008. The original fearless won Grammys for Album of the Year and Best Country Album in 2010. Swift was only 20 at the time, making her the youngest artist to win Album of the Year at the time. The record has since been surpassed by Billie Eilish, who won the award at 18 in 2020.

"It was fascinating," Caillat said of working with Swift in a 2020 Insider interview. She called Swift "truly one of the most brilliant songwriters" and praised her talent. "She knows a lot about every person she's in the room with and genuinely has an interest. She makes you feel like she loves your work and she has known you forever," Caillat explained. "I just remember she was so young, and the song she came in with, it was just beautiful."

The original "Breathe" was nominated for Best Pop Collaboration at the Grammys, but the song lost to another track featuring Caillat, Jason Mraz's "Lucky." That year, Caillat's Breakthrough was nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album. "I think the song that we did, it was a really special thing," Caillat said of "Breathe." "She was writing about something she was going through with a band member at the time, and she was pouring her heart out about it."

Swift, 31, picked Fearless as the first of her original Big Machine Records albums to re-record. She released a single of "Love Story (Taylor's Version)" in February, followed by singles of two songs she originally wrote in 2008 but did not release at the time. "You All Over Me" features Maren Morris, and was released in March. On Thursday, Swift released "Mr. Perfectly Fine." The new songs also include "That's When," featuring Keith Urban.

Swift also shared a snippet of "Fearless (Taylor's Version)" on Good Morning America Thursday. "I just wanted to say, first of all, you guys have been so supportive at Good Morning America since day one of this entire process of me re-recording my music," Swift said as she introduced the clip. "I'm so ecstatic that my album Fearless (Taylor's Version) will be out tonight. It's crazy that it's finally here."