Kristen Bell Reveals Candid Video of Husband Dax Shepard Working out While Driving

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are still on their road trip vacation with their daughters to celebrate the end of the summer, with Shepard behind the wheel. The Armchair Expert podcast host is doing more than just driving, though. On Friday, Bell shared a TikTok clip with Shepard exercising while driving.

The clip shows Shepard, 47, keeping his eyes on the road as he drives the family van and does several exercises. "Gainz never sleep," Bell, 42, captioned the clip, which has been viewed over 2 million times already. Bell set the clip to "OMG" by White Gangster.


Gainz never sleep

♬ OMG – White Gangster

On Sunday, Shepard and Bell's road trip took an odd turn. They found a mouse in the bus! Shepard shared clips of a friend capturing the mouse and taking it out of the vehicle. "These two came to kick ass and catch mice. And they out of mice," Shepard captioned one of the clips.

"Wow! That's crazy! Did your wife ever suspect there was a mouse in the RV and did u believe her at first? Or did u tell her there's no way a mouse could survive on board? Asking for your wife," Bell commented. "Well, funny you should ask... OOPSIES!!! I'm sorry and I love you," Shepard replied. "Also it's a bus, not [an] RV."

Bell shared several photos from the trip on Instagram last week, including rare pictures of their daughters, Lincoln, 9, and Delta, 7. The couple kept their children's privacy by adding hearts to their faces. On Friday, Bell shared photos from Mount Rushmore.

Before the family headed out on the road, Bell told PEOPLE the two-week annual trip is meant as one last chance for everyone to be together before school starts. "We're going to go to Idaho and visit some friends, and our girls love camping and love being in the motorhome," she told the magazine. "Shockingly, our family does really well in close quarters so I'm hoping that that will be a good summer ender before we go back to school."

The trip also gets Lincoln and Delta out of the house! "My kids, they love being at home during the summer... but I think they are getting antsy to be back in a situation where their brains are challenged and their bodies are challenged at recess and they can talk to their friends," Bell said.