Zach Braff Says He'd Return for 'Scrubs' Reboot on One Condition

The stars of Scrubs remain close and frequently reunite, but fans have still been waiting for a genuine reunion show. Earlier this week, star Zach Braff shared one specific condition that would have to be fulfilled in order for it to happen. Creator Bill Lawrence must be involved.

Braff and Lawrence reunited earlier this week at the Paley Center for Media in New York City, where he moderated a panel about Shrinking, the new Apple TV+ series Lawrence co-created with Brett Goldstein (Ted Lasso). When TV Insider asked Braff for an update on a Scrubs renewal, he passed the stethoscope to Lawrence.

"That's a good question for him," Braff said as he pointed to Lawrence. "It all comes down to him. I think if he can figure it out, every single one of us would say yes."

Braff clearly still loves Scrubs, as he hosts the Fake Doctors, Real Friends podcast with co-star Donald Faison. "We do this podcast, Donald and I, and we have so much fun doing that," Braff said. If Lawrence said he wanted to make a Scrubs reunion, he would "a hundred percent" be there, "if [Lawrence] said yes and figured it out, we'd all be there," Braff added.

Back in June 2022 at the ATV TV Festival, Lawrence joined his Scrubs stars and insisted there would be a reunion eventually. "We're all so grateful any of you still care, it gives us an excuse to hang out together. We are happy to spend time with each other in any way," Lawrence told the crowd of fans when asked about a reunion. "We're gonna do it because people still care about it and we enjoy spending time with each other."

Faison said he would prefer to see an entirely new Scrubs season written instead of just a one-off special. "Here's the deal: I think we all want a reboot and want to work together again but it couldn't be a full season. Maybe like a movie or something we could shoot in a few months," Faison said at the panel. "With everything Bill is doing now, he's never going to be free again. If he finds the time, we'll do it."

John C. McGinley, who played Perry Cox, told he would do a Scrubs reunion in his sleep. "I love all those guys. I love [creator] Billy Lawrence. Next to Platoon, it's the greatest thing I've ever been on," he told us.

Scrubs launched on NBC in October 2001 and ran for seven seasons. It later moved to ABC for the final two seasons, with the finale airing in March 2010. While most hospital-set shows are serious dramas, Scrubs was a sitcom, starring Braff as Dr. John Michael "J.D." Dorian at the fictional Sacred Heart Hospital. The original main cast also features Sarah Chalke, Faison, Ken Jenkins, McGinley, Judy Reyes, and Neil Flynn. During the final season, Eliza Coupe, Kerry Bishe, Michael Mosley, and Dave Franco joined the cast. The entire series is available to stream on Hulu.