'Scrubs' Star John C. McGinley Down for Possible Reunion: 'I'll Do It in My Sleep' (Exclusive)

It's been 10 years since the hit TV series Scrubs went off the air. And with the recent reboot [...]

It's been 10 years since the hit TV series Scrubs went off the air. And with the recent reboot trend thanks to fan support and new streaming services, there have been rumblings about a possible Scrubs reunion in the near future. PopCulture.com recently spoke with John C. McGinley, who played Perry Cox on Scrubs, and he says he's all-in if a reunion happens.

"I'll do it in my sleep," McGinley said exclusively to PopCulture.com. "I love all those guys. I love [creator] Billy Lawrence. Next to Platoon, it's the greatest thing I've ever been on." Another cast member who would love to do a Scrubs reunion is Zach Braff, who recently said a movie could happen. When asked about doing a full-length Scrubs film, McGinley said one thing would have to happen.

"It would all come down to what stimulates Billy [Lawrence]," McGinley said. Whatever he puts on the page is what will work. That's a bit of a cop-out, but it's all Billy. It's his baby." Lawrence has had a lot of success over the years, being the co-creator of hit series Spin City and Cougar Town to go along with Scrubs, which aired on NBC and ABC. It's likely a Scrubs reunion (whether it's TV or film) will be successful, but in the meantime, McGinley continues to work. It was recently announced the 61-year actor will narrate the TV series Inside The Season, an original series by the Professional Fighters League (PFL). Inside The Season can been seen on ESPNews and ESPN+.

The PFL is an eight-month MMA season format. The league has a regular season, playoffs and championship where the winners have a chance to earn a lot of money. "These guys come from around the world because the dirty little secret in a lot of MMA is the fighters get paid squat," McGinley said. "At PFL, they get paid. And they have a chance if they make it to the championship and win the championship to get $1 million. Except for outliers like Ronda [Rousey] and Conor [McGregor], there's no such thing as a $1 million payout. Guys get squat, and the PFL have a chance to make some real money."

Along with Inside The Season, McGinley is advocating with the Special Olympics where "we're trying to include people with special needs," he said. "People with Down syndrome and all our athletes are people too. We wanted to be included and elevated whenever possible."