'SNL': Eminem Cameo Cut From Show, But Is Now Available Online

Pete Davidson recorded one more rap video parody for Saturday Night Live, but it was cut for time. The SNL team still published the video online, giving fans a chance to see Eminem's cameo. The video was Davidson's tribute to SNL showrunner Lorne Michaels, whom Davidson gave an emotional tribute to during his final "Weekend Update" appearance.

In "Forgot About Lorne," guest host Natasha Lyonne gave Davidson a script for a music video Michaels supposedly wanted to do with him. However, Michaels threw it in the trash. This did not stop Davidson from performing the song, which featured plenty of name-drops of SNL legends past and present. There were also many references to Michaels' illustrious career, his awards, and "being nice as hell" since "he's Canadian, b—." Hilariously, Michaels does not actually appear in the video. Instead, Michaels' head was CGI'd onto a body.

Towards the end of the sketch, Davidson is told to stop by none other than Eminem. Davidson has done many rap videos in the past on SNL but "they all suck," Eminem told him. Davidson pleaded with him. "Honestly, we just do these because we like you so much, Marshall," Davidson said. "They're like a tribute, you know?"

Eminem still wasn't impressed. "Don't f—ing do it again," he said. "Got it. OK," Davidson sighed. The sketch ended with Davidson yelling, "You blew it!" at Michaels as Adam Sandler would.

Although "Forgot About Lorne" did not make it to air, Davidson made sure Michaels knew how important he was to Davidson's career during a tribute on "Weekend Update." He recalled Michaels telling him to "hold on for dear life" after he got engaged to Ariana Grande. When Davidson auditioned, Michaels told him he didn't think he was "right" for SNL, "so let's screw this up together."


Davidson continued, "And that's exactly what we did together. That's why people who don't think I deserve this job shouldn't hate me because we have so much in common. Like, if anything, I should inspire hope... that literally anyone could be on Saturday Night Live."

Davidson, 28, joined SNL in 2014 and was a cast member for eight seasons. Although he is leaving SNL, he will be hard to avoid as he continues dating Kim Kardashian and has several projects in the works. His next movie, Bodies Bodies Bodies, opens on Aug. 5. He is also working on the Peacock comedy Bupkis, which is loosely inspired by his life and counts Michaels as an executive producer. The series will star Emmy-winner Edie Falco as his mother. Davidson also filmed the Kaley Cuoco-starring romantic comedy Meet Cute, which does not have a release date yet.