Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx's Netflix Movie Plagued With Issues, Actress Reportedly to Retire Again

Back in Action, a Netflix movie poised to be Cameron Diaz's first in nearly a decade might never be finished. The London production has reportedly run into several problems thanks to her co-star, Jamie Foxx. The Oscar-winner reportedly fired four people in important roles in the production. He was also reportedly the victim of a £33,000 (about $40,000) scam that put the project on hold. The situation has gotten so bad that Diaz is reportedly considering retiring again.

Last week, sources told The Sun that production was halted after four staffers were fired. "There have been some issues on set and Jamie has had a major meltdown over it all," one source said. A unit director, an assistant director, an executive producer, and Foxx's driver were all fired. Other crewmembers are "totally fed up" and Foxx has "become pretty unpopular," the source added.

One staffer was also fired after an investigation into an alleged plot to steal about $40,000 from Foxx, The Sun reported Monday. Producers reportedly contacted police after learning a staffer may have been linked to the scam. "It sounds as though they tried to offer up a Rolex watch as part of the deal but now there's an investigation into everything going on. People will be glad when this thing finally wraps," a source told the outlet.

If Back in Action is completed, it will be Diaz's first movie since the 2014 Annie remake, which also starred Foxx. However, all this drama is reportedly leading the actress to reconsider her decision to return. "She hates drama and confrontation. This is why she retired in the first place," the source said.

However, Daily Mail's sources attribute Diaz's reported plan to re-retire more to missing her life at home. "These back-to-back 10-hour workdays have been a lot on her and she hates being away from (her daughter) Raddix," the outlet's source said. "Cameron loves being a mom more than anything in the world."

The source added, "'Benji (Madden, her husband,) is supportive of everything that Cameron does, but it has been a lot on him. Although she has gotten to see her family while shooting the film, it is just not the same."

Although Diaz has not made a movie since 2014, she did not confirm she was retired from Hollywood until 2018. Diaz and her Good Charlotte guitarist husband welcomed daughter Raddix in December 2019 via surrogate. In April 2020, Diaz hinted that she was open to working again. In June 2022, Foxx announced Diaz was joining Back in Action by publishing a phone call between Diaz and Tom Brady, who had also just come out of a brief retirement at the time.

It's unclear what Back in Action is about since Netflix has not released a plot synopsis. The movie is directed by Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses), who co-wrote the script with Brendan O'Brien. Glenn Close, Kyle Chandler, Andrew Scott, and Jamie Demetriou also star. Filming started in December 2022 in London. Exhibit A, Chernin Entertainment and Good One Productions are the production companies on the film. Netflix has not commented on the drama rumors.